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Wednesday, December 5, 2012 Christmas Gifts. 20 days left!

So maybe you are a college student...or know a college student...or live with a college student. One way or another, every person knows at least one person in this phase of life. Christmas comes around, and gifts ideas are dwindling, nonexistent, ...dead. Ya, just dead. Not going to lie, as a senior in college, I believe, with all of my itty-bitty kind and true heart, that we are the easiest people to buy for. Parents? No... Little siblings? Eh, a toy or two will suffice.... Men? Ya, just forget it. As mostly poor and needy people, college student Christmas ideas are everywhere. 

For your convenience, I've researched high and low all over Pinterest and found some ideal presents that could suit even the pickiest of people. Check it! 

Sweet mother of pearl! When I saw this contraption, I laughed a little. #butreally People would use it, especially men.

When I graduated from high school, someone gave me a monogrammed laundry bag which I have ceased to use since freshman year. It's practical and pretty cute.

If I've learned one thing during my 2.5 years here is that college students love board games. When they're not studying, watching football games, playing ultimate Frisbee, spending "bro time" with video games, or having "girl time" with chick flicks, these crazy kids have 2.345768% of their time to play good ol' fashion board games. Apples to Apples and Quelf are the most popular, for sure.

Slippers! Crazy, fluffy, warm, awesome slippers! If this person is living on campus, I would suggest always wearing slippers or socks in the dorm because it can be cold and maybe a bit less clean than your home floors.  So these moose ones are cute...but um, well a guy may want a more "manly" style.

For people like me who care more about getting to class than how I look getting to class, hoodies and sweatshirts make up 75% of my wardrobe. Plus, if you get them a Liberty one, they'll be looking fly and reppin' the best school in the country. Just saying.

If all else fails and footwear or a microwave dish don't impress your loved one, pick up some FOOD for the poor kid. My mom sends me at least one care package of food a year, and it always warms my heart...and fills my stomach. Personally, I'm using this idea myself to provide my best friend with a start-up food kit for her new apartment. Who doesn't love food? Really...

Hope these few general tips help you get on the right path to surprising your college friends or family members with sweet holiday cheer. Only 20 days left!


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