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Friday, November 30, 2012 SHE LOVES ME!

Well, that's an awkward title if you think about...Let me rephrase. It's a play. Actually a musical. Actually a play...turned into musical...turned into a movie. Yes, now that makes more sense, right?

Ha! Oh women of the blogosphere, I'm talking to you. Ever have a day where you just wanted to scoop out a bowl of ice cream, grab a blanket, lay on the couch and watch romantic comedies until you're sick, drowning in the mushy-gushy love stories and wishing you had that life? Gotcha, didn't I? Sure, we've all those days...or nights. The Proposal. Sweet Home Alabama. Leap Year. All great movies that'll make you laugh and dream..and dream... Anyways, probably one of my favorites is the classic romance of Joe Fox and Kathleen Kelly in You've Got Mail (1998).

Fox: Don't cry, shop girl...don't cry. Kelly: "I wanted it to be you... I wanted it to be you, so badly."

*heart melting...*

Well, I was, once again, watching an amazing final dress rehearsal performance of She Loves Me from the Liberty University Theatre Dept. and it hit me! THIS play is exactly like THAT movie! This musical is actually an adaption of the play called Parfumerie by Miklós László. This same play was also adapted into three movies, including the best, You've Got Mail. Other than having a bit more class and a cute old Hollywood feel, She Loves Me follows the same storyline as my favorite movie. (If you don't want to know what happens, skip this next paragraph)

Basic plot: Two people are writing to each other but have not exchanged names or pictures. They go about their typical days reading the mushy-gushy letters and hoping to meet someday. One day, the man runs into a woman who drives him insane, and they seem to fight a lot. (They seem to hate each other) When the two star-crossed writers decide to meet up, the man sees the woman and realizes it's been that same frustrating girl all along. He stands her up, and now, she has no idea the identity of her mystery man. Over weeks, the man falls in love with the woman but keeps his true identity a secret, still writing in-secret to the woman. The woman ends up falling in love with the man, not knowing the he's the secret writer, but decides to meet up with the supposed secret man anyway. The day arrives... *Cue romantic music*  He walks around the corner, and THEN...! She realizes that it's been him all along, falls into his arms, and well...yes, they kiss. Magical, I know.

With a cast like Kyle Blanchard and Natalie Cleek as the two secret lovers, it was no doubt going to be a great show.  For example. when Amalia (Natalie) gets sick and doesn't show up to work, Georg (Kyle) shows up at her place with ice cream, hiding his identity as the secret writer. Torn between the two men, Amalia tries to write but gets distracted when she thinks about Georg's sweet gesture: "Ice Cream, he brought me ice cream, vanilla ice cream, Imagine that!." She sang it so beautifully. Girl, I understand. If a man brought me ice cream, I'd fall in love too... ;)


Left: Kyle as Georg. Right: Natalie as Amalia

Photos by: David Steele/Liberty Theatre Dept.

Little fun side stories about ...a delivery boy turned store clerk, a hilarious, man-obsessed woman who gets a little ahead of herself, a store owner turned bachelor after discovering his cheating wife, and a 'player-player' store clerk who seems to woo all the girls with the word "Sherrie,"... make it more than just a cute romance. So girls, here's your chance to  offer up a date idea to your man. Tell him it will be funny - because it is. Tell him it will be captivating - also very true. The fact that it's a silly, cute romance? That'll be our little secret. Want tickets? You got it!

SHE LOVES ME. In the Liberty Tower Theater now!

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