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Monday, November 12, 2012 On the Road Again...

Thanksgiving break is... 4. days. away! Who is ready to get some rest? (*point to self) - > This girl!

Three months of papers, presentations, discussion boards...did I mention papers? Yes, it comes to a brief hiatus come Thursday afternoon. Usually I would road trip it back to my home with some of my "Arkansian" friends, but since I had the fortunate ability to leave earlier than anyone else, they found other means of transportation. Guess what that means?

18 hours. Me. My car. The night sky lighting my way. It will be the longest solo road trip of my life! Will I be pumped up on enough adrenaline to get home? Uh, ya... so I believe caffeine will not be necessary. But since I have a dear love for coffee, Starbucks will practically be my first stop. How far do you live away from Liberty? Will a road trip be in your near future? Since I'm a chronic planner, I have found some things to at least keep my eyes open long enough to get home. Here's my list - maybe you'll need it in the future.

--> Audiobooks: Confession time, I hate reading. Most of the time. Unless it is Ted Dekker or Karen Kingsbury (of course the Bible) but...ya other than that, it's a no-go. However, since the Hobbit is coming out....wait for it... (*Drum roll*) December 14, I snatched the audiobook version so I would know who the young Bilbo Baggins really is before sitting down to the epic midnight premiere movie. 11 hours of unabridged Lord of the Rings? Sure, why not.

--> Music: Now, most of you are probably thinking "Why yes of course you need music jamming in your car on a road trip, silly little blogger." But wait, I have specifications that I think might help. Let's preface. I love my share of easy listening - Michael Buble, Frank Sinatra, and the rest, but if I start hearing those soft and beautiful sounds, my eyes will start shutting faster than you can say "Liberty rocks." I'm sticking to some heart-pumping, sing-at-the-top-of-my-lungs kind of music ~ Lecrae, David Crowder...and Owl City (Don't be hatin') 

--> Applications/Directions: I am blessed enough to have this little, amazing, life-changing device called a Garmin. Best investment of my life. I admit, I'm directionally challenged. It's terminal, I believe... Have a smartphone? Applications like MapsBuddy searches on Google Maps to show hotels, restaurants, and a map to find your way. or MapQuest can give you print out directions, as well. I have a Droid, so the Navigation application is similar to that of a Garmin. iPhones obviously have that capability too. You now have no excuse when you get lost on Interstate 40 (I'm preaching to the choir)!

--> Caffeine and Snacks: First of all, I always stop at Starbucks on my way out, and since it's Christmas-ish time, their Peppermint Mochas are to die for! I refuel every four hours or so, grabbing some sweet stuff along the way - sugar rushes keep me sane...or insane. I can never tell. The best snacks for road trips? Hm, well my body doesn't take well to putting fried and processed foods in it for 18 hours, so things like trail mix, fruit, and peanut butter sandwiches help to keep me fueled and focused. There's no shame in getting McDonalds french fries at least once during the trip though. Just saying.

Here's my destination: Interstate 40 all the way! 1,050 miles!

These are just a few of the things I've learned to do when traveling back and forth from Liberty. It's a long drive, and usually I stop to rest for the night, but with only a week to spend with family and friends, I am biting the bullet. Maybe you live an hour away or maybe on the other side of the U.S. Either way, these road trips can be the best...and worst times of your life. I'm using it to refocus, refuel, and spend some quality time with God. 18 hours of change. Pray for me people :)

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