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Wednesday, November 7, 2012 Decision 2012

Scroll through Facebook today? 

Check that Twitter feed yet?

Well, since about midnight this morning, both social media options have been BLOWING up about the results of one of the closest elections of our time. Personally, I want to take about a...48 hour hiatus from checking either of my pages, but even then, the new and witty statuses will probably not be over. 

Oh well...before the results were posted and the voting lines opened, I was anxiously awaiting to cast my vote in my first ever presidential election. Quite exciting actually. My heart was racing and my hands were a little shaky, mostly because I wanted to make sure my vote was counted. Truly counted. So I did what most respectable U.S. citizens do - woke up a little earlier than normal (ya about..8-ish) and put on my happy face to get my "I voted" sticker. I think my polling place was smaller than most because I walked in and waited only about 15 minutes, voted, and left. Painless. Awesome.

"I voted!" Like a boss...

From that moment on until about 11 pm last night, I was pacing...wondering...hoping for the result that I personally desired. 

The day just before all of the...pacing, I attended a rally that really made me feel like a proud American citizen. Just a few miles from my apartment, I heard about a Romney rally being held on the tarmac of a local airport. Maybe meet the future president? Sure, why not! So, my fellow blogger, Lizzy and I, bundled up, waited in line, got some free coffee and a sweet American flag, and listened to the Romney five-point plan. It was a very unique and motivating experience that I'm glad I was able to experience.. I love #Merica! 

Flag and coffee...That's all you really need at a rally!

Yesterday, my classes let out at the usual time (about 4:30 pm), and I hauled down the Demoss stairs to catch a bus. To much amazement, I noticed a line streaming from the Vines Center. It was the on-campus and voter-registered students who were patiently waiting to vote. For the first time in an election, the Liberty University Vines Center was a polling place for the state - mostly intended for the students. It was amazing to see the turn out, and it made me a very proud on-looker...

It was about 39 degrees all day, Brr - faithful citizens at Liberty!

Finally, by 8 pm I got to my friend's house to start our "election coverage campout." I vowed not to sleep until I knew who our next "Commander in Chief" would be. Food? Check! Laptops? Check! Coffee? Duh. Homework?...well not so much. But anyways, it was time. Votes starting pouring in, and analyst were talking..and talking..and talking...

Political campout! Ready to go!

As the hours went on, Romney held an early electoral vote. It really all came down to those swing states - Ohio, Virginia, North Carolina, and Florida. Finally, the results came all so fast. One minute the announcers were talking about  the close percentage in Virginia and the next...wham! Obama has just been re-elected president. Whoa, what a quick turnaround. It was over. No more political ads or rallies. No more calls by volunteers or posters lined in neighboring lawns. The Decision 2012 had been made. 

The election results from state-to-state (Red: Romney, Blue: Obama)

Waking up this morning was not any different than the day before. I fixed breakfast, got ready, and headed to have lunch with a friend before class. Life seemed pretty normal - because it was. It is. No matter who was chosen in last night's election, I know one thing will always be certain. Always be constant. The truth is found in Psalm 46:6-7 "Nations are in uproar, kingdoms fall; he lifts His voice, the earth melts. The Lord Almighty is with us..." The fact that I have hope for my future and a constant foundation to rest on is reassuring and always amazing. Keep the election in the proper context. God is still God. He is still all sovereign. Always. 

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