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Friday, November 2, 2012 Understanding The College Life

At this very moment, nearly 2,000 visitors are walking around Liberty's campus - attending classes, taking tours, eating food (I'm sure, somewhere). snowboarding down Liberty Mountain (it happens), etc. etc.. It's what we like to call College for a Weekend, and I think we've pounded that idea into the ground here on these blogs. But IT'S SO IMPORTANT! Putting your faith in something that you can't see is something we do with God and His salvation - that's acceptable and quite frankly the only way to eternity with Him. However, picking a college based on the faith that fits with who are you, what you need, the future you intend to, crazy. I was that kid (Fortunately, I picked the right school). That's why we push CFAW! It's only $50 to get three days of the real life college student, step-by-step, hour-by-hour life of Liberty University people. Those three days will answer so many questions about the environment, teachers, degree plans, and the rest. It's so worth it!

I remember making that transition from high school to college and being completely unaware of the changes. Now that I've conquered almost three years, I've been asked on numerous occasions to speak to my former high school about the differences between the two stages of life. The first time I was like.."uh..well, it's a wee bit harder but super fun. Choose Liberty! Go Flames!" That was about it. But after the freshman honeymoon stage was over and my Sophomore/Junior year passed, my vocabulary on the subject became a little more clear. Here's what I told my high school last year and hope to tell the next batch of kids when I return. Maybe it'll shed some light during this unsure and crazy time:

1. You get to the pick the hours that you go to class. No more 8 am -3 pm schedule anymore! Usually, I block my classes on either a Tues/Thurs or Mon/Wed/Fri schedule (and take a few online classes) so that I have the other days completely free to do homework, activities, work, sleep (he!), etc. 

2. Yes, you spend only 12-18 hours in class during the week as opposed to 35 for the typical high school student. However, the study and homework time is extended to about the same class time amount. I remember taking 5-6 hours over a period of two nights to study for a Theology exam..and that was one just one of my assignments for the week. 

3. Bringing in late assignments is usually not an option (with the exception of excused absences like sickness). The teacher expects a relative amount of responsibility - Therefore, late assignments don't just get taken down a letter grade. They usually amount in a zero.  

Oh, never... ;)
Photo from: Liberty University Pinterest

4. The freedom to choose what activities you participate in is refreshing. If you want to play a club sport, go for it! There's a football game on Saturday? Sure, attend it ...and cheer loud! The only downside is that time management becomes a growing element of your personality - so long as you desire to keep your grades up.

5. Your path to graduation is left mostly up to you. There are amazing counselors that help you but only if you ask them (Sometimes, they will call just to check-up...that's super nice!). At the beginning of your freshman year, you are given a Degree Completion Plan that is a list of all classes needed for your major. The journey is your open book. Write that story however you choose - just remember, the goal IS to graduate :)

6. Lastly, and most importantly, I encourage every class/high school student to remember that when you walk onto that college campus and start the transition to independence, your walk with Christ either can become your ROCK or a side line relationship that rarely is touched. The sad fact is that nearly 50-60% of "Christian" students either walk away from church or from their faith within the span of the college period. This point is crucial, and I ask..beg you to make your faith YOUR OWN now. Make Him (Jesus Christ) your focus, so that when temptation come and you're on your own, your faith (the strength of God's power) will carry you through. 

Finding daily strength from His Word is crucial
Photo from: Liberty University Pinterest

If I have discovered one thing in my time here at Liberty it is that God is truly faithful. I've been through the fears, tears, and heartaches of this transition, but God never leaves or forsakes. He's grown me far beyond the point that I initially marked to be my future self. Coming to Liberty has been one of the best transition points in my life, and I wouldn't trade any of the moments, good or bad, for anything. It's an amazing and exciting time! God is good! So is Liberty...

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