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Monday, January 28, 2013 Student Activities Open Mic Night


I am now a Junior and I can officially say that I have been to an Open Mic Night! I can not believe it has taken me that long to go to one but now that I have, I’m hooked! I was blown away by how much talent Liberty students have! Some students had live music to accompany them and others had pre-recorded music while they sang. Students were performing everything from rap and indie to ballads and Christian music. Some students were rapping some deep thought; others were singing ballads that gave goosebumps. Another really cool thing Student Activities did was they have a live Twitter feed in the background with tweets from students who used #SAopenmic. It was really cool to see everybody’s friends tweeting encouragement to people and also saying which performances were great!

One of my friends, James Black (who I previously wrote a blog about) was performing with a few other people. Their group was called Lights, Camera, Blacktion and James danced to the song “What is Love” and he did a great job! Here’s a fun video below to show you James’ awesome energy on stage! 



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