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Wednesday, November 14, 2012 Tim Tebow Announcement!

Well after rumors have been circulating for months, it is officially confirmed that TIM TEBOW IS COMING TO LIBERTY MARCH 8th!! If you haven’t already realized from my blogs this semester, I love football! If you know anything about Tebow, you know that he is quite popular among Christian ladies. He is well known for living a life above reproach and always praising God in victory or in loss. After Jerry announced it in convo, the crown went WILD! Here’s a little clip from convo today, but make sure your volume is turned down cause it gets loud!!


One interesting story that most people don’t know is that I ALMOST got to meet Tim Tebow during Spring Break. My aunt helped plan a fundraiser for her church and children’s school in Jacksonville, Florida and I was supposed to be there. I was on my way to fly in for it and got stuck in Miami airport for 10 hours and missed the event completely! My aunt was so awesome that she got him to sign a poster for me but it definitely didn’t measure up to the picture they got with him! So maybe this will be my chance to see or meet Tebow along with 5,000 other screaming girls! Don’t be surprised if you see girls with “Marry Me Tim” or “ The Future Mrs. Tebow” signs. I definitely won’t be one of them, but it would be really neat to meet a man who has challenged guys to live a life honoring to Christ!

My Uncle, Mom, Tim Tebow, and Aunt! 

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