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Wednesday, November 7, 2012 Election Week

For the past 2 years, politicians have been campaigning all over the United States to try and win your vote. They have created TV advertisements, engaged with voters on social media, and hosted political rallies to gain supporters. Yesterday it all finally came to and end and Americans exercised their right to vote. Liberty has been doing a great job at encouraging students to vote and make their voice heard. This year was the first election that I could vote in and I took great pride in being an American and having that freedom. Here is a little summary of my week with the election going on!

On Monday, Mitt Romney decided to make a last minute stop in Lynchburg and everyone in the community was encouraged to come out and hear him. Before he arrived, we got to hear from Robert Hurt, Bob Goodlatte, Bill Bolling, George Allen and Bob McDonnell. I was so honored to have gotten the opportunity to hear one of the presidential candidates the day before the election! Caitlin, one of the other student bloggers and I had a great time together waving American flags around and enjoying the beautiful weather!

Caitlin and I at the Rally with our coffee and American Flags! 

Mitt Romney speaking to the crowd

On Tuesday morning, we got up early and went to vote! I was a little nervous because I had never done it before and I didn’t want to make a mistake. Thankfully, we didn’t have too long of a wait and I was very proud to have voted in Lynchburg! For the first time in a presidential election, Liberty had their own voting precinct in the Vines Center. Since so many students live on campus and so many decided to vote, the line was really long but that didn’t stop students from waiting!

Right after I voted for the first time

On Tuesday evening my life group got together to watch the voting results come in. We made American food and desserts and just celebrated being Americans and having the right to vote. I made a yummy red, white and blue funfetti cake! It was great to just be with friends, enjoy time together and be united as Americans.

Hanging out watching the results come in

My American Funfetti cake!! 

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