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Wednesday, October 24, 2012 Ways to stay connected

Sometimes being at a larger university can feel overwhelming, especially when you first arrive! Liberty is unique because they have done a great job at creating smaller communities of people through the residence halls and prayer groups.  One other really great way that I have found to connect with other students is through the Liberty Class of Facebook pages. Not only can you join the class page before you come to Liberty, but once you are a student, you can continue to interact with your peers. It’s a great way to meet different people in your major, look for rides home, or simply encourage each other! Check out the links below to "like" the different class pages! 

After graduation, the Liberty University and Liberty Alumni Facebook pages are a great way to connect with other alumni in different cities all over the world! The Liberty University Facebook page will keep you up to date on news about Liberty!  Just click on the pictures to "like" the pages! 


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