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Wednesday, May 14, 2014 British Isles Tour Day 2

Thatch- Roofed HouseRing of Kerry

Killarney and the Ring of Kerry

Today was a fun-filled day.  We began at 8 am with a jaunting bus ride.  This is the Irish way of saying horse and carriage ride. We went through the town of Killarney and then ventured into Killarney park where we viewed a thatch-roofed house (picture above) and enjoyed beautiful scenery (picture below). Our jaunting bus was led by a local Irishman, Jonny, and his lovely horse, Thomas (picture below). Jonny entertained us thoroughly by singing us several Irish limericks, telling us lively stories, and generally making us laugh constantly. I could have spent all day on the jaunting bus, but I would have missed the rest of the beautiful sights.

Beautiful SceneryJohnny and his horse, Thomas

Other excursions included exploring 13th century Ross castle (picture below), Killarney lakes by boat, a bog museum, a sheep herder named Brendan and his border collies and even a four-horned sheep.  We also enjoyed a trip to the beautiful Ring of Kerry with breathtaking scenery.  To end the day, we took a surprise trip to the Torc Waterfall in the Killarney National Park.

Ross Castle

Dinner on day 2 was quite a different experience.  Yesterday, students were tired and a little reserved.  Today, the conversation was so lively that you had to listen carefully and talk loudly to be heard. It was wonderful to break bread and share stories with online students.

Well, wi-fi is spotty so better end here. Tomorrow we travel to the Blarney Castle and kiss the Blarney Stone. Jim, our tour guide, said that we ALL will be kissing the stone and we Americans need to  get over our germophobia. He has that right!  :-) We will also be going to Dublin where we will stay for 2 days.

Till tomorrow!

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