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Monday, May 9, 2011 CRM for Outlook: Tracking in CRM

Several users are already using the Outlook integration for CRM. This allows users to sync appointments created in CRM with their Outlook and allows them to quickly track e-mails in CRM. Today, I will be explaining how to track your e-mails in CRM and how to sync your appointments between Outlook and CRM. If you need more information on getting Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Outlook please read the AskLuke Tutorial.

Tracking e-mails in CRM is very easy using CRM for Outlook. If you want to track and incoming message, simply click the “Set Regarding” button. This will open a box for you to search for the record this e-mail should be tracked with. The e-mail will be tracked with the record you select instead of everyone on the e-mail. To track outgoing messages, simply click “Set Regarding”. Again, you will want to choose the student or other record that this e-mail is in regard to. The e-mail will be placed on the CRM record of the contact it is regarding. That means the contents will be pushed to Banner comments as well.

CRM Set Regarding in Outlook Toolbar

Now, there are two ways to sync your appointments between CRM Online and Outlook. You can either create it in CRM Online and have it sync to Outlook or vice versa.

The recommended approach is to set up you appointments by going to Then use Multi Search to find the correct student. Click Actions -> New Activity -> Appointment. Enter the time you plan to meet with the student and any initial information. Remember all of this information will be sent to the student’s Banner comments. Press “Save and Close”. Be careful not to press “Save as Completed” because this will close the Activity and you will not be able to edit it. After it has been saved, it will sync to your Outlook within 15 minutes.

To create the appointment in Outlook first, open a new Appointment and fill in the meeting time and information as usual. Then select the “Set Regarding” button and search for the student. When you save the appointment, it will be sent to the Regarding student’s Activities list. Any changes you make to this appointment will be updated on CRM and sent to the student’s Banner comments.

Appointment CRM Set Regarding

Now that the appointments are in CRM and Outlook they can easily be completed when the student comes in at their meeting time. Simply open the Calendar item. Select view in CRM to open the standard CRM Appointment screen. Now you can add any dispositions and complete your comments. You can also click on the student’s name to view their CRM record if you need to review any information. When you are done documenting the appointment, select “Save as Completed” to finish the Activity.

View in CRM

CRM Activity Created through Outlook

View Regarding

So now you know how to track e-mails in CRM and sync your appointments between CRM and Outlook. Don’t forget that open Activities can always be seen in CRM by clicking the Activities link on the left-hand side. This will show you Activities you have not completed so you can put in the rest of the information. If you have any problems you can contact the CRM team by e-mailing Jeremy Dudley at or Kylie Marsh at  

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