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Monday, April 11, 2011 Alert CASAS Disposition

Recently CASAS came to us because the Resident Admissions call center agents often needed to contact them about specific students. This process would involve the agent manually sending an e-mail to a member of CASAS. However, CASAS is utilizing CRM functionality that automatically sends an e-mail to when a student is in need of professional advising or another kind of assistance. Faculty members use this disposition when they meet with students. So, CASAS wanted to share this functionality with Resident Admissions.

Now, this functionality has been enabled for these agents as well. Let me explain how it works.

When the agent creates a Phone Call or Appointment activity and the student needs to be contacted by CASAS or is in need of another kind of assistance, the agent can select the “Alert CASAS” Disposition on the Activity.

Alert CASAS Disposition

When the Activity is saved, an e-mail will automatically be sent to The e-mail will contain the name of the agent, the name of the student and any comments from the Phone Call or Appointment activity. So the agent can write the student’s problem in the comments and it will be forwarded to retention so CASAS can find help for the student.

Agents will even be able to view this e-mail in the student’s history if necessary.

Alert CASAS sent e-mail

If you have any questions about this functionality or you would like to share this feature or a similar feature with your department, please don’t hesitate to contact the CRM Team ( or We would be happy to show you how CRM can make your life easier.

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