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Wednesday, February 23, 2011 What’s new in CRM: FCI View

On February 23rd the CRM team launched a new tab. This new tab will be located under the “Money” section of a Contact record and will be labeled “FCI”. The tab will show whether a Contact has completed Financial Check-In and whether or not the student is Withdrawn. If there are any entries in the first section of the tab, it means that the student has successfully completed Financial Check-in.

Has the student withdrawn? Lokk to the side of the FCI Completion date

Further, if the Contact abandoned during the process of FCI the view will indicate which step they left off on, by showing a step-by-step breakdown of their FCI progress.

CRM FCI view then the student did not complete FCI

Of course, if they followed the process the whole way through, you could see every step and the time it was done. Then, at the end of the list you can see a “Y” meaning they completed FCI successfully.

CRM FCI view when the student successfully completed all steps

This new tab will make it much easier for agents to know a student’s Financial Check-in status quickly. If your group is interested in having this view, please contact the CRM team.

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