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Friday, September 17, 2010 CRM Feature Spotlight: Dialer Integration

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a very customizable system that can be integrated with other systems used by Liberty University. It is integrated with Banner by allowing authorized users to make changes to Banner through CRM and providing views into Banner from CRM. Another important integration is the SER integration, otherwise known as the Dialer.

The Dialer is a system that makes telephone calls. You can put the number in to the computer application and it will automatically place the call. This is used in the call centers around campus such as Development, Resident Admissions, and the Liberty University Online call centers.

Andrew Reynolds, Senior Analyst at Liberty, had this to say: 

“Liberty uses the SER Dialer as an outbound dialing solution for manned and unmanned call campaigns. Predictive dialing takes advantage of the full ability of the dialer but it also offers slower more controlled modes such as preview and paced dialing. We have a blended integration with it that can automatically move agents on and off of dialer when certain inbound queue thresholds are met. The last major integration built on around the dialer allows leads to automatically be posted to the dialer after they post to Banner and Dynamics CRM and then allow the agents the ability to disposition the call only in dialer and have it complete the call in CRM as well.”

The Dialer is useful when making outbound calls especially if it is for a call campaign. It can be programmed for the campaign and then when an agent is free, it will automatically call the next number. This is very good because the agents spend more time productively and less time dialing the phones manually.

The Dialer also accounts for time zones. This means that people will not be called too early in the day or too late at night. A new feature that is currently being developed will enable those who call in to set their preferred call time. Then, the dialer will only call during those times. This preferred call time will be saved in CRM so it can be useful to all CRM users not just those who are also using the Dialer integration.

The Dialer has been integrated with CRM to provide some added functionality. The CRM Product Team developed a screen for the Dialer that allows an agent to document what happens in the phone call directly from Dialer rather than documenting in SER and in another database. So, the agent can be talking to a student and make notes about the call right there on the Dialer screen. Then this information is pushed back to CRM in the form of a Phone Call Activity. In addition, there is a button added to the Dialer screen that says “View CRM Record.” Rather than having to search, an agent can click this button to quickly view the individual’s CRM record and find any information they may need.

These changes make the call centers more effective because they do not need to waste time dialing the phone, setting up an activity for the phone call, or even searching for the student. Everything is right there. It is more convenient and easier to use than the old method of calling and then documenting on a student’s Banner record. This is just another way the CRM team is working to help Liberty University run more efficiently.

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