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Monday, August 16, 2010 Faculty & CRM

Faculty Survey

This is a questionnaire for a faculty member to fill out about a student they have met with. It is a way to get a grasp on how the student is doing at Liberty and if there are any needs in their life. This allows the University to understand a little more about the student and give information about what they could be struggling with or areas where they need help. It is also a good way to alert CASAS if a student may be considering leaving Liberty or be in need of counseling. To learn how to fill out the survey, you can view the Faculty Survey in CRM article on HelpDesk DIY. 

Student Success Plan

A student’s success plan is viewable to faculty to aid them in their advising of students. The success plan is filled out by CASAS detailing how the student can succeed at Liberty. Each student will have a success plan associated with their file once they have visited their advisor in CASAS. A faculty member can access this information to become familiar with the student and may be able to identify risk areas that could be discussed with the student. The information a faculty member gains from reading a student’s success plan may be helpful when completing the Student Retention Survey as well. If you are unable to see the success plan button you may need to clear your cache.

How to use the success plan function in CRM

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