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Wednesday, January 15, 2014 Jerry Falwell Library



“Give me a lever long enough… and single handed I can move the world”.   Peter Senge


Today, I had the honor of watching the grand opening of the Jerry Falwell Library.  Being in academics, it’s amazing to see such a state of the art library being built at the University that I once attended for my undergraduate program and to where I now am one of the associate deans.   After seeing the amazing structure and technology, I feel incredibly humbled to be part of such a flourishing program.


It was emotional for me to hear the remarks from Rev. Jerry Falwell’s eldest son and current President, Jerry Falwell, along with his closest friend and current Provost, Dr. Ron Godwin.  During their remarks I’m sitting with my Mom, the Dean of the School of Education.  Anyone that knows my Mom knows her humble, servant heart.  What folks may not know, because of her quiet spirit nature, is her love and belief in the power of Christian Education, a vision that she has quietly shared with Dr. Jerry Falwell.  It was also a vision passed down from her parents, to where she sacrificed much to see us receive this education. 


So during one of the videos that showed Dr. Falwell praying and sharing his vision for the future of the land that now holds Liberty University, my Mom leaned over and said to me, "I watched that live on TV".  About a decade later my family moved to Lynchburg so my parents could be part of what is happening here.  I was 13 years old when we moved, nearly 3 decades ago. 


We often hear about the legacy and the large numbers that Jerry Falwell was part of creating.  But for many of us, for the families of the church, University, LCA, it was a new beginning to being part of something ordained and greater than ourselves in sharing of a vision that the world can be changed through Christian Education and being a part of a lever that can move the world.  


Grand opening -

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