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Sunday, August 25, 2013 Sound of Feet

I started becoming aware of this when I decided in my teen years that I needed to escape my family and four sisters fighting for a single bathroom and I moved myself to the basement bedroom.  It was next to the stairs and it sometimes seemed an earthquake was coming when people galloped down the stairs.  In adjusting to the new sounds of my bedroom and in the solitude I was seeking, I became very aware of my family’s movement.  I could tell when sisters were fighting, Dad was mad, and when my family was being active or peaceful.  When Jhon and I got our first apartment together, it was a basement apartment.  The sounds above were foreign to him, but to me, it felt like home.

I’d begun to forget about those days when we bought our own home.  It was 11 years before Jhon and I had Johnny, our first child.  A couple years after this, I remember when I became aware of his little pattering toddler feet, whatever I was doing I stopped and listened and I cried.  I get teary eyed now to still think about it. I now had my family and our own beautiful sounds of children feet.   

Yesterday, I returned from a trip.  I was just so happy to be at home and with my family.  And I was listening intently to our home.  The kids were playing on their Kinect and I heard their feet dancing, running in place, and jumping.  And then one that just made me laugh, a clickity, click of paws on the hardwood floor.  (I can’t believe we have a puppy!)

When times are stressed, when we are arguing, looking for lost shoes, trying to get out the door.  I just exhale, briefly close my eyes, and just listen to feet, and now add the clickity, click of paws, and I know, all is good and blessed!

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