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Wednesday, June 19, 2013 Random Thoughts on Being an Introvert

I should start that folks are often shocked that I’m introverted.   When they think about it, I think it makes sense to them.  There’s a reason I’m always hard to find in person, why I’m fast on email and slow to the phone, why I don’t frequent the office lunches, and then there is my obvious love for meetings, ;).  My colleagues have learned it’s not that I’m not available; it’s that I’m available to them in different ways.


I also used to be EXTREMELY shy. As a child, I wouldn’t/couldn’t talk to strangers, and they often would even make me cry when they spoke to me.  My students always love this example. When I was an undergraduate student, I DREADED speeches or presentations with the sick stomach and all.  No, it’s worse than that, I was pitiful.  I was one of those folks the audience even felt sorry for…with my voice and hands shaking. On a few occasions in my early college years, I even walked out of the middle of my speeches in tears. And I still get sick to my stomach on the first day of a new class or if I know I have to use a microphone at a speaking engagement.  Though finding a sense of humor helps me recover from these more quickly.


There are times when being an introvert is great.  When I have the right confidants and trusted friends lined up, it actually makes life easier being an introvert as I can escape much drama and enjoy a simpler life.   But it’s hardest when people don’t recognize that this is how I am.  I can do the parties and politics, have fun, hang out, talk to different people, etc.   And it’s not even that I don’t enjoy it.  I love hearing people's stories and hearing about their life.  And anyone can tell you that I do love to talk :), it’s just that it makes me VERY tired.  It burns energy from me to the point where I feel that my mind becomes unable to function. 


Also, some of my long-time friends know that it can take years before they really got to know me.  One of the reasons these blogs stretch me in interesting ways.  :) 


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