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Thursday, April 4, 2013 Ember and a $200 Deposit

It was 2005, and I had already paid my $200 deposit for my first overseas trip to an orphanage in Kazakhstan.  But I had found out a couple months later that I was pregnant and I would be unable to go.  So I went to this meeting about the trip in hopes of getting my deposit back.  At this meeting, I find myself sitting next to Ember, who I met for the first time.   Ember and I talked about her doing her Master’s degree and at some point in the conversation she stated that there was no way she could have the deposit which was due the next day. So she wouldn’t do the trip on this go around.  Before I could give it any thought, I told her she could have my deposit.  I don’t say this arrogantly, because I was having a baby and I really wanted to keep that money.  Had I given it any thought, she would not have received the deposit.  


Ember went on that trip and then went every summer until 2008 where she stayed for a year.  That year she met Kiikzhan who she married in 2010.  They now have 2 beautiful children, the newest one born last week that sparked this blog.  They may even return with their family to Kazakhstan someday.  I occasionally see them around town and pictures of their beautiful family on Facebook, and I just think… a $200 deposit I hoped to get back.  Ember would also tell you all the other people that got her there that day and later on the different trips to Kazakhstan.  My role was very small and really the role of many others.  Ember made the true sacrifice.   But my point is that we may never be used in the ways we had thought we might.  But we are all used in beautiful ways.  If you open your eyes to what is happening around you, you will see it.

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