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Tuesday, November 13, 2012 Mommy guilt turned mommy gratitude

Jeanie, my 5 year old, sat next to me drawing a picture while I worked on the computer.  She was actually being needy and I “had” to finish this project by a deadline.  So I sat her next to me with a paper and pen and asked her to draw me a picture.  She was so intent on her drawing making tight little boxes on a piece of paper.  When she was done, she held it up and exclaimed, “look, what I have!”   As anyone who works with or has young children can understand, I had to ask Jeanie, “tell me about your picture”… as I had no idea what she had drawn.  : )   Her response, “now I have a computer like you, Mommy”.  And she sets it down next to me and my computer and starts typing on her drawing.  I shut my computer and snuggled with her the rest of the evening.  I now keep her drawing next to my computer to remind me to try to limit my time on the computer when the kids are around.  And anyone who knows Jeanie, knows she is also just that “good”.  : )


Johnny, my 7 year old, has been having nightmares for months.  With the helpful advice of a friend, we’ve gotten him to go to sleep at a regular time and we’ve gotten our evenings back.  However, for about a month he wakes up at around midnight, like clock-work, needing someone to sleep in the bed with him.  On Sunday, I was sharing this frustration with another Mom.  She said that her 9 year old often does this as well.  But that she also has a teenager now.  She shared that whenever she gets frustrated about the 9 year old - she remembers her teenager and how she just wished she could go back and have those moments of him needing her again.  The last few nights I’ve been excited about Johnny waking me up and me getting to spend “time” with him.


So much beauty…so much to be thankful for.  To me thanksgiving shouldn’t just be an event, a day, a person, it’s a state of mind and awareness…sometimes it is even a struggle to see and be aware of life’s beauty… but it should be a constant state of gratitude.

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