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Thursday, October 25, 2012 Seasons and FALL

So I’ve been neglecting this blog.  I wonder if I still have to do this since the person that requested I keep the blog is no longer at Liberty University.  Ha!   Sometimes it’s just hard to know what to talk about.   As one point on what to discuss, I think we are being blogged and social networked to death.  I think I’m finally getting a bit weary of it, or more accurately, I’m in a season of social networking weariness.  And then as another point, what do I talk about?!?   For example, I have a lot I could say about election season, but I keep thinking – “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything”.   :)

So I just looked over my old blogs and realized I’ve never covered Fall.  How could I have not written about my favorite season!?!?  Beautiful weather, football, new TV episodes, pumpkins… or more specific… pumpkin spice lattes or pumpkin cheese cake!!   We have the beautiful colors here in Lynchburg now.  We (my family) just returned from a trip to Florida and returned to the peak of the beautiful Blue Ridge fall colors.

Seasons and dates have always been important to me.  I think because they represent all that life is…every season…turn, turn, turn… every date…turn, turn, turn.   Fall represents change … leaves that fall and will no longer be… to be replaced by new leaves, new colors, and greener grass.  Ah, I do love all types of seasons, particularly Fall….  And turn, turn, turn...

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