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Thursday, June 21, 2012 I LOVE MY JOB!!!

…especially May – July.   BUT I’m not saying that for the reason you would think.  The summer months are the busiest times of the year in the School of Education! 

When I left administration in 2002 after being a principal for 7 years at a school for students with emotional and behavioral disabilities, I "told" God – I’m never going into administration again. Telling God what I’m going to do never worked for me for me some reason. ;)   

But being in administration can be exhausting as you spend 98% of your time dealing with the 2% “fringe”.  So now being associate dean of the School of Education, this fringe is the 2-5% of our candidates struggling with academic dishonesty, probation, acceptance, appeals, complaints, disrespect, oddities, etc.  And when SOE has grown to 10,000 students, this is 200-500 students on the fringe, daunting and exhausting numbers.  You may have read or heard me say, that for every candidate in the School of Education, this represents approximately 900 children. So 9 MILLION children are currently being impacted by Liberty’s School of Education, where we are training teachers to be Champions for Christ. 

This also means that we can’t afford mediocrity when we graduate our candidates, which makes the decision about the 2-5% sometimes overwhelming. And though I have an awesome team that helps me with these challenges, I often find myself wondering what I’m doing and why God brought me to administration again. 

But then MAY comes around – Graduation!   I LOVE GRADUATION!  It reminds me of the majority of our successful candidates.  I get to SEE them and CELEBRATE with them.   The candidates that applied themselves, jumped through hoops, dotted all their i’s and crossed all their t’s.  Their professional and cheerful dispositions and their hearts for teaching, education, and children remind me why we are here.  If that isn’t enough, this year I met a couple folks who tell me they changed their major to special education because of a video they saw in an on-line class.  Or there was one this year who told me she came to Liberty University, because of a conference that I spoke at a couple years ago and here she is graduating!  Each student with a story of how God directed their lives and I somehow played some small, undeserving role.  It’s a blessing not capable of words.

And then comes JUNE – Intensive time!   I LOVE TEACHING INTENSIVES!   Though they are an energy drain, it’s one of the most blessed ways to spend my energy, my last 2% of energy.  ;)  I’ve blogged on this before - .   During intensives, I get to actually play a small role face to face in each individual’s education that will then impact thousands of children.  Actually, so far with my 89 intensive students this is 80,100 children!!  And as I’m writing this, I received an email from a graduate who was on the news for taking 70 summer camp children who are deaf and/or blind - surfing!  And also while working on this blog a graduate sent me a Facebook message telling me she is taking a job offer in Seoul!  Can it get more awesome that that?!  So I want to thank our students for allowing us to be part of your life and for giving me such joy!  I LOVE MY JOB!! 

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