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Friday, May 4, 2012 The Stories of Women

Most people would be surprised that I’m an introvert and even extremely shy.  I’m not sure if I mask that well or if it’s just because I like to hear myself talk that confuses people.  :)   But my close friends know this about me.   Throughout my life I’ve always had one or 2 very close friends.  They all know who they are and how special they’ve been in my life.  They know the times they carried me through with fond memories… elementary school, high school, college, meeting my husband, and years without children.

This year, however, has been very different.  This year I’ve had a unique, new pleasure of many friends.  Old friends that I’ve gotten to know better and at a deeper level, but also many new friends.  I’m very tempted to name you all to give a “shout out”.  :)

But this morning, particularly after reading one of my new friend's blogs, I’m struck with how many of us women are “survivors”.  There are so many stories in each one of my beautiful girlfriends, Mom and sisters.  I would love to give examples, but it would almost seem a betrayal to share their stories here.  But any woman reading this blog, knows exactly what I’m talking about, because of her own story.  But we all somehow share the same story line as women… we can share it in a pure silence of just “knowing” …  joy/pain…. love/loss…false desire/faith… wanting/searching/finding.

And this morning, for some reason, I just feel in complete awe of all my friends, partly for the blessings of each one of them in my life, but mostly in awe of their presence and strength and faith in the face of their story.

My daughter turned 5 this week… I often just watch her and wonder what her story will be… and I used to watch her with almost a paralyzing fear of her story.   But because of the faith and strength of the women in my life this year, I am finally struck with complete peace that regardless of my daughter’s story… she’ll survive and thrive… afterall, she’s woman.   :)

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