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Saturday, April 14, 2012 Going to the Chapel

I’m going to a wedding at the Old Pate Chapel today.  Most of the weddings of my early 20’s took place there, both of my sisters.  Actually, the last one I attended was my sister’s wedding (pictures below in the Bridal/bridesmaid dressing room).  Awesome memories took place there!!  I think my favorite story was when one of my little sisters was in the limo with her brand new husband getting ready to drive off.  My older and very protective sister stuck her head in the car and said, “If you hurt her, I’m going to kick your butt”.   Oh, too funny!  And of course I’m thinking – there probably was a better time for that conversation. Ha!

They wanted to do my baby sister’s funeral in the Old Pate Chapel.  My Mom told them there was no way she could do the funeral where her other daughters got married.  So the funeral took place in the TRBC sanctuary.  I don’t think that funeral would have fit in the Old Pate Chapel, at any rate, as Amy packed the house.  :)

So as I’m watching all these wedding plans for today unfold on facebook, I keep telling all these girls how jealous I am, watching them celebrate together.  Perhaps this will help them understand why.  I'm glad to see them savoring the moments, because life is a vapor. 

For the happy couple -  People who know me well know I’m a people watcher and I've been watching Cliff and Jennifer.  I wonder if Jennifer remembers a conversation a couple years ago where she was joking about being single.  And I said something along these lines – “I don’t understand your group of friends.  You all make jokes about being single, but hang out with a bunch of single guys.  Pick one.  Or do you want me to pick one for you?”   She said something along the lines of – “NO. Not those guys, we know them too well!!”    In which I replied, “What do you think marriage is?” I can’t remember if I thought it or said it, but I’m also thinking – “better what you know, than what you don’t know”.  :)   A few weeks later Jennifer is announcing on Facebook that she was in a relationship with one of those handsome, young men. 

And as a people watcher, particularly sitting behind Cliff and Jennifer at church, it is wonderful to see that they have built their relationship on rock and not on sand, a friendship that produced love and a relationship that grew their faith.   So, to Cliff and Jennifer - as life will throw you hills, valleys, dips, and turns - buckle up and enjoy the roller coaster that has been built on solid ground!!           


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