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Tuesday, April 16, 2013 Librarians Present at National Conference

Last week, two of our own Librarians, Lori Sny­der and Erin Crane, recent­ly presented at a conference titled, “Comput­ers in Libraries”, hosted by the organization, “Information Today.” The conference was held in Washington, D.C., April 8-10, 2013.

Encouraged by Dean Pride, Erin submitted a pro­posal to present on the topic of patron-driven ac­quisitions (PDA) and asked Lori to co-present. Lori had previously presented a poster session dealing with the acquisition and cataloguing of PDAs at a conference hosted by The Association of Christian Librarians.

Prior to the conference Erin and Lori gave their PowerPoint presentation at a brown-bag luncheon for members of the library as an informational effort and as practice for the upcoming conference. The feedback and suggestions from those in atten­dance at the luncheon helped to improve the presen­tation before going to the conference. Both Lori and Erin also mentioned that having a teammate helped in preparing for and presenting at the conference.

During the 30 minute presentation Erin spoke from a collection development perspective be­fore Lori spoke regarding cataloguing and acqui­sitions. Approximately 150 were in attendance and many people came up after the presentation to talk further about the topic. Lori mentioned another benefit of presenting at a conference is that you make contacts which serve as resources for fu­ture situations. It also gives you an outside perspec­tive to see how much we are “already doing here” at Liberty and to “learn new ideas” to apply here at Liberty University.
Going forward Erin commented that, “Liberty has a lot that they’re doing that we could share about” to be a help other organizations. Regarding what we at Liberty University could share at confer­ences Lori added, “Think about what you’re doing day to day, that other people might have an interest in learning about”.

Does presenting at a conference sound interesting to you? Think about it. We not only get to promote our work, but most importantly our “best friend.”

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