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Tuesday, June 26, 2012 Something New is Here...

...A Better Way to Serve You.

Anyone walking through the first floor of the Integrated Learning Resource Center will notice major changes taking place. Gone are the large Circulation Service Desk and the Research Help Desk. In the place of these two areas, a new service location has emerged consolidating circulation, research help, and basic computer guidance into one central Customer Service Center. Also new, is an enlarged area of shelving to used to display new books recently added to the collection.

A second major shift is the integration of reference materials into the main book collection. These items are still available for “in house use,” but are now more visible to those browsing in their chosen subject area. The former reference shelves have been replaced with an open entrance area, cubicles for individual study, and new casual seating.

If you see people working in the book stacks and in the study carrel section at the back of the library, they are making space for the large number of new titles being purchased this year and are preparing the collection for future placement on the bookshelves or into the Automated Storage and Retrieval System in the new library. This activity will be on-going throughout the next school year. We apologize for any inconvenience this activity may cause and look forward to serving you better.

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