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International Student Health Insurance

Student Insurance & Sickness Plan


  1. Health Insurance Card
  2. Using International Student Health Insurance
  3. Insurance Does Not Cover
  4. Alternate Insurance
  5. If you Need Assistance with Health Insurance

Heath insurance coverage is mandatory for all F-1 international students who are enrolled in a residential program of study.

The following individuals are not automatically enrolled in the insurance plan (although they are required to have health insurance coverage), but are eligible to enroll individually by submitting the Dependent/Individual Enrollment form directly to Trawick International (an enrollment company for United Health Care):

  • Family members of international students
  • International students enrolled on non-F1 visa statuses
  • Students on OPT (OPT students that are also enrolled in residential courses will be enrolled in health insurance automatically)
  • Students with Canadian citizenship

Email Kristina Bautista for the Dependent/Individual Enrollment form.

Verify insurance coverage every semester by checking for the fee on your Liberty Student Account. If the fee is not listed contact the International Student Center (434) 592-4118.

1. Health Insurance Card

You should carry your insurance card with you at all times. Cards are valid until graduation unless otherwise notified. 

  1. United Health Care will email you when your card is ready to be printed.
  2. Go onto
  3. Click on "Create an account" and follow the steps to create your online account.
  4. Click on "ID Card Information" and follow the instructions to print the card.

2. Using International Student Health Insurance

Learn about what your insurance covers by reading the Student Injury and Sickness Insurance Plan.

  1. Take your insurance card with you to the doctor, clinic, or emergency room and give it to the receptionist.
    1. It is recommended that you go to Liberty University Health Services at Green Hall (434) 200-6370 or call United Health Care to find a health care provider that is covered by your plan (866) 633-2446.
    2. If you are being admitted to the hospital for a procedure, call United Health Care 3 days prior unless it is an emergency and then you must call within the 2 days following admission.
    3. If your health care provider suggests treatment or testing, ask the medical provider if they will accept what United Health Care pays. You can also ask the medical provider what the charges will be and then contact United Health Care to see at what percentage the charges will be covered.
  2. Before you leave the medical provider, ask the receptionist to file a claim for you.
    1. You do not have co-pay, however you may be asked to pay your coinsurance at the time of the appointment. Your coinsurance is 10% of the bill and 20% for prescription medications.
    2. If the medical provider refuses to file a claim you will need to fill out a claim form that can be found at The claim form must be received within 90 days of treatment.
  3. You will receive an "explanation of benefits" from United Health Care and a bill from the health care provider.
    1. Inspect the statement and bill.
    2. If United Health Care has not paid anything on the bill contact United Health Care and the health care provider to ask if your claim was submitted.
  4. You will be responsible for the first $100 of charges from a preferred provider and $400 for charges from a non-preferred provider every academic year (August-July). This is called your deductible
    1. After the first $100/$400, United Health Care will cover 90% of preferred providers “negotiated charges” and 60% of non-preferred providers “recognized charges” for the year for any procedures and prescription medications. Preventive care is covered 100% for preferred providers and 60% for non-preferred providers.
  5. Pay the balance on the bill from the health care provider.


  • Negotiated Charge - The maximum charge a Preferred Care Provider or Designated Provider has agreed to make as to any service or supply for the purpose of the benefits under this Plan.
  • Recognized Charge - Only that part of a charge which is recognized is covered. The recognized charge for a service or supply is the lowest of:
    • The provider’s usual charge for furnishing it.
    • The charge United Health Care determines to be appropriate based on factors such as the cost of providing the same or a similar service or supply, and the manner in which charges for the service or supply are made.
    • The charge United Health Care determines to be the recognized charge percentage made for that service.
  • Preferred Care Provider - A health care provider that has contracted to furnish services or supplies for a negotiated charge, but only if the provider is, with Aetna’s consent, included in the directory as a Preferred Care Provider for:
  • Non-Preferred Care Provider - A health care provider that has not contracted to furnish services at a negotiated charge.

3. Insurance Does Not Cover

  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Above average charges

If you are not sure if a procedure will be paid for, Call United Health Care or visit

 4. Alternate Insurance

International students are automatically enrolled in the University international student health insurance policy and will see a related charge on their school bill every fall and spring semester. However, some students may already be covered by an insurance policy from their parents or by a policy purchased elsewhere. Students must complete an Alternate Health Insurance Waiver Request and have this form approved in order for the university insurance charge to be removed. Requirements for a waiver of Liberty University health insurance charge are as follows:

  1. You must have the alternate insurance company complete an Alternate Health Insurance Waiver Request and submit this to the International Student Center no later than the third Monday of every fall and spring semester.
    • DO NOT purchase an insurance policy assuming that the university charge will be removed. This procedure is for students who have an existing policy.
  2. Bring the completed Waiver along with proof of existing coverage to the International Student Center.
  3. An equivalent health insurance policy must include the following:
  • Major medical coverage of at least $100,000 per illness or injury, with no more than a $100 deductible per year
  • At least 80% coverage of “recognized and negotiated charges”
  • Provisions for medical evacuation and repatriation of remains

Note: An equivalent international health insurance policy will be difficult to find. Students are strongly encouraged to use the official student plan because it offers excellent coverage at a competitive rate. The Office of International Student Services maintains a close working relationship with the insurance broker who can assist with problems if they arise.

 5. If You Need Assistance with Health Insurance

  • Schedule an appointment with Kristina Bautista, Operations Assistant and Health Insurance Representative.
    *Bring all bills and statements to the appointment*
  • Contact United Health Care 1-(866) 633-2446