Praxis Tests & Teaching in Other States

Praxis Tests

An important requirement for meeting Teacher Licensure standards in the Commonwealth of Virginia is successful completion of the required Praxis tests. Students who fail to complete the required Praxis tests successfully are not eligible to be recommended for the Virginia Collegiate Professional License. The Praxis Tests must be passed before applying to student teach and may be repeated, should low scores necessitate such action. Students should seek competent advice from advisors regarding the choice of dates for attempting testing.

Information regarding minimum score qualifications for the Praxis Series may be obtained from the Teacher Education Handbook. Praxis information is also available online at

Tests are administered several times per year. Liberty University is one of the Praxis Series testing sites. It is not necessary that testing be completed at this institution. Computer-based administration is also available by individual appointment at approved testing centers.

Teaching in Other States

Graduates who have successfully completed Liberty University's teacher licensure program, and who have met all standards for Teacher Licensure in Virginia can be recommended for licensure in other states. The Commonwealth of Virginia operates within the Interstate Licensure Compact, which means that other states in the compact recognize and freely accept incoming licensure applications from Virginia-based programs.

In most cases, other states will require proof that the student has successfully completed a state-approved teacher licensure program. Assistance in securing this license is provided to all of those who are completing student teaching/internship and it is processed after all coursework has been successfully completed and the degree has been posted.

Licensure information is typically available online for the various State Departments of Education in other states. Those wishing to pursue licensure in other states should obtain necessary information and application materials for the processing of requests. The Teacher Licensure personnel assist students in preparation and submission of documents required for licensure.