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Residential Student Declaration or Change of Major/Minor Process

Residential students may declare or change their major immediately upon entering Liberty University.  Declaring or changing a major does not imply acceptance into programs such as nursing, teacher licensure, or athletic training.  Such programs have specific requirements before acceptance is granted.  

Procedures for Declaring/Changing Your Major:

  • Visit the Change of Major online request form
  • Majors or minors changed after the start of classes of each semester will NOT be effective until the following semester.
  • All students will be assigned to a CASAS Professional Advisor specific to the major.

Special Notes:

  • Virginia residents should verify that their VTAG will not be impacted prior to declaring/changing their major.
  • Online students - please contact LUO Advising to process Change of Major requests.
  • Any student desiring to be placed on a previous Degree Completion Plan must seek approval from the school or department.

Residential students with questions about graduation and degree requirements should check with their CASAS Professional Advisor.