Department of Teacher Education


The SECONDARY (Grades 6-12) areas of licensure available at Liberty University are:

  • Biology
  • Business
  • Computer science
  • English
  • History/Social science
  • Mathematics
  • Work & family studies
  • Add-on endorsements are available in Algebra I, chemistry, computer science, journalism, speech, and theatre arts.

Licensure that includes BOTH elementary and secondary (GRADES PK-12) is available in:

  • English as a second language
  • Health/Physical education
  • Music (choral and instrumental)
  • Spanish
  • Theatre arts
  • Visual arts

Professional Education Requirements

The typical professional education requirements for candidates preparing to be middle school or high school teachers are outlined below.  

  • EDUC 125/126 - Introduction to Education/Practicum
  • EDUC 221 - Content Area Reading & Thinking Study Skills (Secondary)
  • EDUC 235/236 - Secondary Instructional Design/Practicum
  • EDUC 360 - Foundations of Education
  • EDUC 419/420 - Secondary Teaching Methods/Practicum
    (or Methods course from area of specialization)
  • EDUC 425 - Secondary Measurement and Evaluation
  • EDUC 435/436 - Secondary Curriculum Fundamentals/Practicum
  • EDUC 475 - Student Teaching Seminar
  • EDUC 476 - Student Teaching I
  • EDUC 477 - Student Teaching in the Secondary School II


Secondary Education

Degree Completion Plans

Information about the MAT in Secondary Education.


Secondary Education

Candidates who plan to teach in secondary school (GRADES 6-12) or BOTH elementary and secondary (GRADES PK-12) must choose a major in the subject area(s) that they wish to teach. Candidates who have already earned a bachelor's degree should choose the MAT in Secondary Education.