Dr. Clive McClelland

Clive Mcclelland
Dr. Clive McClelland

Professor of Linguistics and English


I grew up in Central Texas, got rescued in 1975, married Janet in 1980, had three kids, and worked with the Wycliffe Bible Translators for twenty-five years.


  • Ph.D. (Linguistics), University of Texas - Arlington, 1993 - 1996
  • M.A. (Linguistics), University of Texas – Arlington, 1978 - 1981
  • B.A. (Anthropology/Archaeology), Texas Tech University, 1971 – 1976

Courses Taught

  • ENGL 101: Grammar and Composition
  • ENGL 102: Composition and Literature
  • ENGL 333: Modern Grammar
  • LING 280: Field Language Learning
  • LING 300: Cultural Anthropology
  • LING 305: European Language Structures/Linguistic Analysis
  • LING 451: Phonology
  • LING 452: Morphology and Syntax
  • LING 453: Survey of the World's Languages
  • ENGL 513: Linguistics
  • ENGL 533: Advanced English Grammar
  • ENGL 562: Text Linguistics
  • ENGL 607: English Teaching
  • ENGL 633: Advanced English Grammar


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McClelland, Clive W. III. 2008. A phonology of Tarifit Berber. Munich, Germany: Lincom Academic Publishers. 154 p.
McClelland, Clive W. III. 2008. Texts for linguistic analysis: glossed narratives in Tarifit Berber. Munich, Germany: Lincom Academic Publishers.
McClelland, Clive. 2008. Prosody versus grammar in two VSO languages. Paper presented at the 36th North American Conference on Afro-asiatic Linguistics, Chicago, IL, 14-16 March.
McClelland, Clive W. III, 2005. A dictionary of Tarifit Berber: documenting an endangered language. Lewiston, NY: Edwin Mellen Press. 400 p.
McClelland, Clive W. 2000. The interrelations of syntax, narrative structure, and prosody in a Berber language. Studies in Linguistics and Semiotics, 8. Lewiston, NY: Edwin Mellen Press. xxi, 371 p.
Oct 27-29, 1999: Three-day seminar-workshop on "Recent Developments in Linguistic Theory: Application to Language Teaching" at De La Salle University, sponsored by the Linguistic Society of the Philippines. Lectures were given by three SIL linguists: Dr. Rodolfo Barlaan on "Semantics," Dr. Clive McClelland on "Grammar" and "Discourse Analysis", and Dr. Stephen Quakenbush on "An Overview of Linguistics and Sociolinguistics" and "Overview of Phonetics."
McClelland, Clive. 1997. Review of Aspects of Nepali grammar, by Genetti, Carol, editor. Notes on Linguistics 79: 45-46.
McClelland, Clive. 1996. Abstract: Interrelations of prosody, clause structure and discourse pragmatics in Tarifit Berber. Notes on Linguistics 74.
McClelland, Clive W. 1996. Interrelations of prosody, clause structure and discourse pragmatics in Tarifit Berber. Ph.D. thesis. University of Texas at Arlington. xxvi, 276 p.
Smith, John (pseudonym). 1995. "Working in country X." Notes on Anthropology and Intercultural Community Work 17: 21-25.

Institutional Service
  • Founder: Linguistics Minor
  • SACSCOC Faculty Reaffirmation
  • Faculty Senate
  • English and Modern Languages – Curriculum Committee
  • Student Activities Committee
  • Greeter: Grace Evangelical Free Church
  • Linguist/Translator with the Wycliff Bible Translators