Elementary Education Integrated Studies (B.S.)

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Residential Program

Undergraduate candidates who plan to teach in the elementary or middle school must major in Integrated Studies in Elementary Education. For Elementary (grades preK-6), the teacher candidate must choose one of the core areas (English, math, science or social science).

To add the Middle School option (grades 6-8) to the Elementary endorsement, the teacher candidate must complete: one additional course, EDUC 412 Middle School Curriculum and Instruction, middle school field experiences and one student teaching placement in a middle school setting.



Professional Education Requirements

  • EDUC 125/126 - Introduction to Education
  • EDUC 220 - Differentiated
  • EDUC 225/226 - Instructional Design
  • EDUC 317/318/319 - Elementary Reading/Language Arts
  • EDUC 322/323/324 - Elementary Social Studies/Math/Science
  • EDUC 360 - Foundations of Education
  • EDUC 410/411 - Elementary Curriculum
    Middle School option: EDUC 412 Middle School Curriculum and Instruction
  • EDUC 415/416 - Measurement/Evaluation
  • EDUC 475 - Seminar in Classroom Management
  • EDUC 476 - Student Teaching I
  • EDUC 477 - Student Teaching II

Program of Study

Degree Completion Plans (DCP)

Candidates who have already earned a bachelor's degree should view the M.A.T. in Elementary Education.