Teacher Education

Admission to the Teacher Licensure Program

Application to Liberty University's Teacher Licensure Program usually takes place at the end of the student's freshman year as part of the course requirements for EDUC 125, Introduction to Education. (Transfer students should apply at the end of their first semester at Liberty.) The initial entrance requirements are:

  • a minimum, cumulative GPA of 3.0.
  • the successful completion of 30 semester hours (Transfer students must complete a minimum of 15 of the 30 hours at Liberty. Transfer credits must be approved by the Program Coordinator.)
  • satisfactory citizenship and behavior while enrolled at Liberty. (Candidates who have been expelled or suspended are not eligible for initial entry until fully reinstated to good standing by the Dean of Student Development.)
  • the completion of EDUC 125, Introduction to Education, with a minimum grade of "C." (Transfer credit must be approved by the Program Coordinator).
  • acceptable scores* on all three sections of Praxis I: Reading (178), Mathematics (150, probation score is 145) and Writing (176) or Composite Score (532).  *admitted on probation if scores are within 3 points 
  • acceptable scores on VCLA (470).
  • the completion of 30-hour practicum (EDUC 125).
  • demonstration of handwriting competence (EDUC 220 or 221).

Equally important to the admission requirements into the Teacher Licensure Program are those criteria which govern the maintenance of the candidate's status once entry into the program is achieved. These criteria are listed below:

  • a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 must be maintained. (Candidates who fall below this minimum will be dropped from the program.)
  • satisfactory citizenship and behavior must be maintained. (Candidates suspended or dismissed from Liberty University will be dropped from the program. Any candidate who has not been admitted or who has been dropped from the program will be ineligible to take upper level education courses. Any candidate who has been dropped from the program is eligible to reapply in writing through the Teacher Licensure Office no sooner than the semester following dismissal from the program. A candidate may be reinstated only once.
  • the candidate is subject to dismissal from the program anytime following their initial acceptance until graduation, should any disqualifying difficulties arise.