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School of Divinity Faculty and Staff


Dr. John Cartwright
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  • Associate Dean, Residential Programs

Dr. Gabriel Etzel
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  • Administrative Dean

Dr. Ed Hinsdon
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  • Dean, School of Divinity
Dr. David Hirschman

Dr. David W. Hirschman
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  • Acting Dean, School of Divinity                                 
  • Assistant Professor of Religion


Dr. David Adams
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  • Director, Pastoral Leadership Program

Dr. Mark Allen
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  • Chair, Department of Biblical Studies
Dr. David Baggett

Dr. David Baggett
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  • Professor of Apologetics
James Borland

Dr. James Borland
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Dr. Monica Rose Brennan
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  • Director, Women's Leadership Program
Wayne Brindle

Dr. Wayne Brindle
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Dr. Richard Brown
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Rick Buck Dr. Rick Buck
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Dr. Joshua Chatraw
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  • Director, Center for Apologetics & Cultural Engagement
Dr. Timothy Chong

Dr. Timothy Chong
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  • Director, Center for Asian Ministries
  • Professor of Theology & Biblical Studies
Dr. Ken Cleaver

Dr. Ken Cleaver
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  • Associate Professor of Church History & Theology
Dr. Charlie Davidson

Dr. Charlie Davidson
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  • Director, Doctor of Ministry
  • Assistant Professor of Counseling
Dr. Rod Dempsey

Dr. Rod Dempsey
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  • Director, Master of Arts in Christian Ministry
  • Professor of Educational Ministries
Dr. Carl Diemer

Dr. Carl Diemer
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  • Professor of Church History
Dr. Don Fanning

Dr. Don Fanning
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  • Director, Master of Arts in 
  • Professor of Global Studies
Dr. Benjamin Forrest

Dr. Benjamin K. Forrest
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  • Chair

Dr. Don Fowler
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Dr. Richard Alan Fuhr
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Dr. Jonathan Geukgeuzian
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  • Chair, Youth Ministries Program
  • Executive Director, Center for Youth Ministries

Dr. Chris Gnanakan
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Dr. Ben Gutierrez
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  • Vice Provost for Academic Administration
  • Professor of Religion
Dr. Gary Habermas

Dr. Gary Habermas
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  • Chairman, Department of Philosophy and Theology, (SOR)
  • Distinguished Research Professor of Apologetics and Philosophy

Melody Harper
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  • Chair, Department of Global Studies

Dr. Harvey Hartman
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Dr. Will Honeycutt
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Dr. Chris Hulshof
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Dr. Steve Keith

Dr. Steve Keith
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  • Director, Center for Chaplaincy
Dr. Sungtaek Kim

Dr. Sungtaek "Seattle" Kim
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  • Director of Korean Ministries
  • Assistant Professor of Practical Theology
Dr. Kevin King

Dr. Kevin King
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  • Director, Master of Divinity Program
  • Associate Professor of Homiletics and Historical Theology
Benjamin Laird

Benjamin Laird
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  • Assistant Professor of New Testament
Gaylen Leverett

Dr. Gaylen Leverett
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Dr. Don Love
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Dr. Troy Matthews
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Dr. Dan Mitchell

Dr. Dan Mitchell
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  • Director, Master of Arts in Theological Studies
  • Professor of Theology
Dr. Michael Mitchell

Dr. Michael Mitchell
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  • Associate Professor of Christian Leadership
Dr. John Morrison

Dr. John Morrison
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  • Professor of Philosophy & Theology
Keith Oglesby
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Dr. Leo Percer

Dr. Leo Percer
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  • Director, Doctor of Philosophy in Theology and Apologetics
  • Associate Professor of Biblical Studies
Dr. David Pettus

Dr. David Pettus
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  • Associate Professor of Biblical Studies

Dr. Scott Phillips
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  • Chair, Undergraduate Programs
Dr. J. Randall Price
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Dr. Stephen Putney
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Dr. Rick Rasberry
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  • Chair
Jeff Ritchey Dr. Jeff Ritchey
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Dr. Chet Roden

Dr. Chet Roden
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  • Chair
  • Assistant Professor of Biblical Studies
Dr. Frank Schmitt

Dr. Frank Schmitt
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  • Professor of Educational Ministries

Dr. Martin Sheldon
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  • Chair
Dr. Rusty Small
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Michael Smith

Dr. Michael Smith
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Dr. Troy Temple
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Dr. Chad Thornhill

Dr. Chad Thornhill
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  • Chair, Theological Studies
Robert van Engen Dr. Robert Van Engen
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Dr. Steve Vandegriff
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Dr. Lew Weider
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  • Director, Biblical Worldview Program
David Wheeler Dr. David Wheeler
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Darren Wu Dr. Darren Wu
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Dr. Gary Yates

Dr. Gary Yates
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  • Director, Master of Theology
  • Associate Professor of Old Testament

Retired Faculty

Don Alban Dr. Don Alban
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Dr. Daniel Kim
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Young Choi
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  • Korean Program Administrator, Center for Asian Ministries

Ayelet Evans
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  • Administrative Assistant, Center for Judaic Studies

Collins Friddle
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  • Faculty Support Coordinator, School of Divinity

Blake Harcup
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  • Instructional Coordinator, Department of Biblical Studies

Brian Harvey
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  • Senior Administrative Assistant, Center for Chaplaincy

Jonathan Kirk
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  • Executive Assistant to the Dean, School of Divinity

Rebecca Mahle
Email Rebecca Mahle

  • Faculty Support Coordinator, School of Divinity

Morgan Mason
 Email Morgan Mason

  • Operations Coordinator, School of Divinity

Kevin McGinn
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  • Director, Experiential Learning

Brittannie Moroz
 Email Brittannie Moroz

  • Faculty Support Coordinator, School of Divinity

Luis Nodal
 Email Luis Nodal

  • Office Manager, School of Divinity

Christiana Pallaria
 Email Christina Pallaria

  • Associate Administrator, Department of Christian Leadership & Church Ministries

Laverne Smith
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  • Doctoral Programs Assistant, School of Divinity

Lauren Valle
Email Lauren Valle

  • Faculty Support Coordinator, School of Divinity

Nathan Valle
 Email Nathan Valle

  • Faculty Support Coordinator, School of Divinity

Jim Zabloski
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  • Faculty Support Coordinator, School of Divinity