Samuel Smith

Sam Smith

Professor of History
Director, Graduate Program in History

Office: DeMoss Hall 4004R
Phone: (434) 592-3114
E-mail: scsmith4@liberty.edu


  • Ph.D., University of South Carolina
  • MA, Bob Jones University
  • BA, Bob Jones University

Classes Taught Regularly

  • HIUS 221, Survey of American History I
  • HIUS 310, Colonial America
  • HIST 491, Senior Captstone Seminar
  • HIUS 510, Colonial America (Graduate)
  • HIUS 511, Colonial Virginia (Graduate)
  • HIUS 512, American Revolution (Graduate)
  • HIUS 530, American Christian Heritage (Graduate)


Samuel Smith received his BA (Bible) and MA (Church History) from Bob Jones University and his Ph.D. (History) from the University of South Carolina. His primary research interest is in the intellectual and religious development of the Colonial and Revolutionary South. He has various publications in his field including A Cautious Enthusiasm: Mystical Piety and Evangelicalism in Colonial South Carolina (University of South Carolina Press, 2013).  Dr. Smith has taught history on the high school and college levels. He is married to Rebecca and has four children: Kendra, Logan, Kayla, and Haddon.