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Residential Divinity

Contact us for questions about degree programs or general inquiries.

Hours: Monday - Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Email divinity@liberty.edu
Email Faculty & Staff Listing
Phone (434) 582-2569
Fax (434) 522-0415
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Graduate location:

Rawlings School of Divinity
Carter Building
701 Thomas Road
Lynchburg, VA 24502

Undergraduate location:

Rawlings School of Divinity
Religion Hall
1971 University Blvd
Lynchburg, VA 24515


Mail Address:

Rawlings School of Divinity
1971 University Blvd.
Lynchburg, VA 24515


School of Divinity Main Office

Email Nikki Wilkins
Associate Administrator

Phone (434) 582-2569
Fax (434) 582-7459

Email Laverne Smith
Doctoral Programs Assistant                   

Phone (434) 592-3341   

Email Brittannie Moroz
Administrative Assistant to the Administrative Dean

Phone (434) 592-6902                          





Dean's Office

Email Jonathan Kirk
Executive Assistant to the Dean

Phone (434) 592-7365                              

Email Michael Herbert
Instructional Assistant             

Phone (434) 582-7915                      

Office of Experiential Learning

Email Kevin McGinn
Director of Experiential Learning

Phone (434) 592-3790                                                 



Department of Biblical Studies Department of Christian Leadership
& Church Ministries

Email Blake Harcup
Instructional Coordinator

Phone (434) 582-7919

Email Christina Pallaria
Associate Administrator

Phone (434) 582-2310

Department of Global Studies Department of Theological Studies

Email Sarah Pache         
Associate Administrator

Phone (434) 592-4978                                 

Email Andrew Schmidt
Administrative Assistant 

Phone (434) 582-2446                                      

School of Divinity Online

Email Collins Friddle
Faculty Support Coordinator

Phone (434) 582-2129

Email Krystin Pogue
Faculty Support Coordinator            

Phone (434) 592-3338         

Email Lucas Farmer
Faculty Support Coordinator

Phone (434) 592-4114

Email Dr. Jim Zabloski
Faculty Support Coordinator

Phone (434) 592-6575





Center for Apologetics & Cultural
Center for Asian Ministries

Email Karen Allen
Coordinator for The Center for Apologetics & Cultural Engagement

Phone (434) 592-4141                               

Email Young Choi
Korean Program Administrator                 
Phone (434) 592-4167
Phone 0 (704) 388-4167

Center for Chaplaincy Center for Youth Ministries

Email Brian Harvey
Senior Administrative Assistant

Phone (434) 592-4170

Email Christina Pallaria
Associate Administrator

Phone (434) 582-2310

Liberty Biblical Museum  

Email Ayelet Shapira
Administrative Assistant

Phone (434) 592-3249


Residential Graduate Admissions

Looking to apply to the School of Divinity as a resident student? Visit the Resident Graduate Admissions office.

Email residentgraduate@liberty.edu
Email Staff Listing
Phone (877) 298-9617
Fax (434) 522-0430
Location Liberty University, River Ridge Mall Annex


Liberty University Online Admissions

Looking to apply to the School of Divinity as a online student? Visit the Online Graduate Admissions office.

Email gradadmissions@liberty.edu
Phone 1-800-424-9596
Location Liberty University, River Ridge Mall Annex


Liberty University Support Offices

Divinity Advising

Email divinity@liberty.edu
Phone (800) 424-9596
(800) 628-7977


Financial Aid

Email financialaid@liberty.edu
Phone (434) 582-2270
(888) 583-5704
Fax (434) 582-2053
Location Green Hall, Student Service Center
Location Liberty's school code: 010392
Location Financial Aid TV