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Teaching English as a Second Language or Foreign Language (B.A.)

BA in Teaching English as a Second Language

Residential Program

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A Bachelor of Arts in Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL) will provide students with a theoretical and practical understanding of second language acquisition and teaching methods and materials. Students will also learn about the syntax and phonology of the major languages of the world and develop solutions to various cross-cultural and cross-linguistic problems involved in oral and written communications.

Academic Information

Courses You Could Take

  • Introduction to Linguistics (LING 301)
  • Modern Grammar (TESL 373)
  • Second Language Acquisition (TESL 403)
  • Issues and Practices in TESL (TESL 405)
  • Internship in TESL (TESL 499)

Degree Options

B.A. in TESL

B.A. in TESL with Teacher Licensure

B.A. or B.S. in Interdisciplinary Studies (INDS) with TESL and GLST Area of Study Options

  • 21 credit hours in TESL classroom courses
  • 3 credit hours (135 clock hours) internship in TESL*
  • 18 credit hours in GLST classroom courses
  • 3 credit hours (135 clock hours) GLST internship*
  • * Requires one full semester of living abroad (TESL and GLST internship requirements should be met during this semester)
  • May vary as curriculum develops (see INDS for more information)


Students with prior language study are encouraged to consider CLEP for lower level language credits.

TESL Opportunities for 2017/2018

  • Guatemala: Liberty University Spanish Institute (LUSI) Internship
    • 2-month summer internship
    • Students receive TESL 499 credit and up to 12 credits in Spanish
  • Brazil: ESL Teacher
    • Involves developing an ESL school using a biblically based curriculum
    • Two different classroom settings:
      • Teaching students in fee-based classes
      • Teaching teens from lesser developed parts of the city who are part of the ministry and take English classes in addition to their Bible studies
    • 3-6 month commitment, but length of duration is flexible
  • China:
    • Language and Culture Exchange
      • Involves learning Chinese while also helping Chinese students learn English
      • Will be mentored on site by a Christian worker
    • Conversational English Teacher
      • Involves teaching conversational English to university students in classroom settings
      • Involves building lasting relationships with students inside and outside of the classroom through sharing meals and interacting with students
      • Involves significant, meaningful interaction of cultures
      • Requires respect for the parameters of Chinese culture
      • China Trip with Chinese Student Impact (May 17 - June 4, 2017): Visit www.chinesestudentimpact.com to learn more.
  • Cote D'Ivoire:
    • ESL Teacher
      • Involves developing and running English classes for students who need to pass English exams and for businessmen who need to learn English
        Survival level of French encouraged
    • TEFL/TESL Teacher
      • Involves planning and teaching English appropriately to the language level and group characteristics
      • Survival level of French or a bi-lingual helper encouraged
    • TEFL Intern
      • Involves holding English language club meetings twice weekly to help high-schoolers improve their English capacity after school
      • Also presents ministry opportunities in translation or video/audio recording work
      • French helpful
  • Guinea:
    • English/Computer Teacher
      • Involves teaching English as well as teaching computer information while learning French and Maninka as needed
      • Other ministry opportunities such as evangelism, discipleship, and church planting available as the ministry develops
      • Short and Long-term internships
    • English Language and Ministry Center TESL Intern
      • Involves teaching/tutoring college-age and adult students primarily from an Islamic background
      • Uses a pre-selected curriculum, but is flexible for personalization
      • French knowledge preferable, but French tutoring will be available for long-term interns
  • Japan: Summer ESL Workers
    • Involves teaching conversational English classes, assisting the church in outreach, with other possibilities for participation in one's area of interest (i.e. music, children, etc.)
  • Pakistan: ESL Teacher
    • Involves teaching English writing and speaking skills to nursing staff at a hospital in rural Pakistan
  • Austria: English Camp and Vision Trip Team Member
    • Involves creative English outreach and opportunities in music ministry, youth ministry, and church planting
  • South America: TESL Opportunities with South America Mission

Selected Internship/Career Opportunities

"The TESL/FL program shaped me as an educator and as a person. I was surrounded by incredible professors who genuinely care for their students and instill a love of learning. I have received many compliments about my teaching techniques and knowledge of ESL learners from other teachers, and it is because of the solid TESL/FL program at Liberty University." - Alexis Hagopian, TESL/FL major

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