Board of Trustees Committee, Chairmen and Staff

Executive Committee

Mr. Harvey Gainey – Chairman
Mr. Jerry L. Falwell
Mr. Carroll Hudson
Dr. Jerry Prevo
Dr. David Rhodenhizer
Mr. Gilbert “Bud” Tinney, Jr.
Mr. Randy Smith, LU Liaison*
Mr. David Corry, General Counsel*


Audit Committee

Mr. Richard Osborne – Chairman
Mr. Dennis Farrell *
Mr. John Heath
Mr. Jeffrey S. Yager
Mr. Chris Carroll, LU Liaison*

Investment Committee

Mr. Anthony Beckles
Mr. Jeffrey F. Benson
Mr. Jerry L. Falwell
Mr. Don Moon*
Mr. John J. Regan *
Mr. Joseph S. Steinberg *
Mr. Don Moon, LU Liaison*


Spiritual Mission Committee

Pastor Jonathan Falwell – Chairman 
Mrs. Gaye Overton Benson
Dr. Don Crain
Mr. Tim Lee
Dr. Allen McFarland
Dr. Dwight “Ike” Reighard
Dr. Jerry Thorpe
Mr. David Nasser, LU Liaison*

* Non-Board Member
Staff Members are Italicized