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BWVW 101 and BWVW 102 are required courses for graduation that must be completed by every full-time Liberty University Undergraduate student in their first two full-time semesters while at LIberty. BWVW 101 is to be taken the first semester and BWVW 102, the second semester.

Explanation of BWVW 101 and BWVW 102

This page is especially designed to help you as a BWVW student to study God's word, defend your faith/worldview, and keep informed on critical ethical issues. The following links have been determined by the BWVW professors to be useful for all of these purposes, as well as supplementing what you are being taught in the classroom. We hope you will use this page frequently to "build your faith and challenge your mind" as the school motto goes.

Note: The following links will take you outside the Liberty University Website, so their content is not necessarily endorsed by the University.

Faculty Information (Who are these guys?)

Stay in God's Word (Online Bibles and Study Helps)

Search the Bible online in your favorite version!
Bible Search Engine (Has Greek Interlinear)
Blue Letter Bible (Has Lexical Studies)
The Unbound Bible (Study Tools and Helps)
Net Bible (Online Bible and Study Tools)
CrossDaily.com (Christian Web Search Engine)

Defend Your Faith

EveryStudent.com (Questions about Life and God)
Probe Ministries (Apologetics, Issues, Etc.)
Xenos Christian Fellowship (Essays on Apologetics)
Summit Ministries (Worldview Education)
Boundless.org (Think Christianly about, movies, art, politics, etc.)

Stay Informed


CitizenLink.org (Current social, political and ethical issues)
American Family Association
Family Policy Network
Center for Bioethics and Human Dignity

News Briefs/Articles