Athletic Training B.S.


Full Acceptance Status

Application for full acceptance to the program will be initiated during the student’s Initial Acceptance semester (Sophmore Fall) . The student's application and supporting documents will be reviewed following the end of the semester. Students must successfully complete the following courses to be eligible for Full Acceptance: BIOL 213, BIOL 214, ATTR 225, ATTR 226, ATTR 305, & ATTR 306. The criteria used to determine Full Acceptance is listed below. It is highly recommended that students join and become active in the LU Athletic Training Student Association.

Full Acceptance Criteria

Criteria Grade Earned Score
Pre-Professional A B C  
ATTR 200 Final Grade 2 1 0  
ATTR 205 Final Grade 2 1 0  
ATTR 210 Final Grade 2 1 0  
ATTR 211 Final Grade 2 1 0  
HLTH 216 Final Grade 2 1 0  
Initial Coursework A B C  
ATTR 225 Final Grade 5 3 1  
ATTR 226 Final Grade 5 3 1  
ATTR 305 Final Grade 5 3 1  
ATTR 306 Final Grade 5 3 1  
BIOL 213 Final Grade 5 3 1  
BIOL 214 Final Grade 5 3 1  
Cumulative GPA 4.0-3.5 3.0-3.49 2.75-2.99  
  5 3 1  
Observation experience I        
Observation experience II        
Observation experience III        
TOTAL SCORE           /51


Full Acceptance Decision-making Criteria:


  • Full Acceptance eligible (minimum 29)

  • Denied Acceptance (28 and below) 

  • Any of the following conditions will automatically preclude the student from acceptance:

    • GPA is below 2.75

    • Any grade below “C” in the ATTR courses, or

    • One observational student evaluation preceptor recommendation of “decline acceptance” or 2 observational student evaluation preceptor recommendations of “accept with reservation”.

    • Completed less than 2 CSER requirements

At this point, the student may be admitted to the program. Formal declaration of the major, however, cannot occur until ALL university Foundational Studies and INFT requirements have been met.

Additionally, admitted students must demonstrate and maintain satisfactory academic, and clinical progress as defined in the Program Retention Standards.

Acceptance Notification

Full Acceptance

  • The program director will email the students a letter stating their anticipated status in the ATP prior to Christmas Break, this status is contingent upon the student's final grades. If final grades change a student's status, the program director will notify the student via an email.

Transfer Students


      Students transferring to Liberty University who are interested in entering the ATP must contact the Program Director by August 1. Due to the unique characteristics and background of each individual, a transfer students will be evaluated on an individual basis to determine his/her suitability for the program as well as an appropriate entry level. This ealuation will be made only after the Program Director has received the following:

Transfer students must meet the following criteria and provide the following information to be initially accepted into LU’s ATP:

Candidates must be in good academic standing with previous university as well as Liberty University and have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.50 on a 4.0 scale.
Completion of initial application
Copy of all official transcripts from prior academic institutions
Medical history form signed by a physician. The form shall include an endorsement by the physician that states the student is physically able to meet the requirements of the program (See Technical Standards).

Meet the Technical Standards Policy for admission into the program.

Copy of current vaccination records, including: Rubella, Tetanus, Mumps, Polio, Chicken Pox, Tuberculosis, and HBV vaccination.

The above documents and materials must be submitted to Liberty University's AT Program Director by August 1 to be assured an opportunity to be initially accepted.

Technical Standards for Admission
Retention Standards
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