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Athletic Training Clinical Education

Clinical Education - Athletic Training

On-Site Training with Clinical Education

Apply the knowledge gained from your coursework to hands-on Clinical Education experiences. The Clinical Education component of the athletic training program will be completed over a three-year period. It will give you the opportunity to provide care to patients while under the supervision of a licensed health-care professional or preceptor who will serve as your instructor/mentor.

As an Athletic Training student, you will serve at a variety of Clinical Education sites both on and off campus. Clinical Education sites include Liberty University's intercollegiate athletics and club sports programs, area high schools, colleges, physician offices, and sports medicine clinics.

Affiliated Clinical Sites & Preceptors

Liberty University Intercollegiate Athletics & Club Sports

Get athletic training experience right on campus at multiple sites at Liberty University.

Both Varsity and Club Sports at Liberty will give you countless opportunities to work with athletes in both practice and competition.

Work with a skilled preceptor who will mentor you throughout your Clinical Education experience. 

  • Baseball

    Baseball Athletic Training Room


    • Dan Pruesser
  • Club Sports

    Liberty University's Club Sports


    • Angie Witt

    Assistant Director/Preceptor:

    • Kyle Swanson
  • Field Hockey & Lacrosse

    Field Hockey & Lacrosse Athletic Training Room

    Women's Field Hockey Preceptor:

    • Joey Lyons

    Women's Lacrosse Preceptor:

    • Joey Lyons
  • Football

    Football Operations Center Athletic Training Room

    Football Preceptors:

    • Barry Finke
    • Mary O'Berry


  • Indoor Track

    Indoor Track Athletic Training Room

    Men's & Women's Track & Field/Cross Country Preceptor:

    • Kevin Kelenic
  • Liberty Athletics Center

    Liberty Athletics Center Athletic Training Room

    Cheerleading Preceptor:

    • Ben Galley

    Women's Tennis Preceptor:

    • Shannon Neeley

    Women's Soccer Preceptor:

    • Maggie Carr

    Women's Swimming & Diving Preceptor:

    • Scott Lawrenson

    Men's Soccer Preceptor:

    • Dan Pruesser

    Men's Tennis Preceptor

    • Scott Lawrenson

    Golf Preceptor:

    • Aaron Schreiner
  • Softball

    Softball Athletic Training Room

    Softball Preceptor:

    • Maggie Carr
  • Vines Center

    Vines Center Athletic Training Room

    Men's Basketball Preceptor:

    • Aaron Schreiner

    Women's Basketball Preceptor:

    • Ben Galley

    Women's Volleyball Preceptor:

    • Shannon Neeley

Area Colleges

Get your athletic training clinical experience at an area university or college.

Work with sports teams at the University of Lynchburg, Sweet Briar, and Randolph College.

Develop your skills through first-hand experience working directly with patients. Here, you'll learn from skilled mentors/preceptors who have experience with each school.  



Area High Schools

Learn how to provide athletic training support for high school athletes. 

Choose from a wide range of area high schools where you can gain your clinical education experience.

Work with a skilled mentor/preceptor who will be able to guide you throughout your training.  


Medicine Clinics & Physician's Offices

Receive first-hand experience at university and area professional facilities. Here, you will help serve a more general audience with athletic training needs. 

Observe how the skills and concepts of athletic training are utilized in the medical field. Work with a trained mentor/preceptor who will guide you through your clinical training. 

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