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From the Dean

Liberty University School of Law is a distinctively Christian law school with a mission. The School of Law was conceived by vision and is anchored by transcendent principles. 

The Apostle Paul wrote that “the law is good, if it is used properly.” The law can establish order where there was chaos, provide security, and preserve life and liberty. But when separated from transcendent values, dissected of moral imperatives, and blind to the intrinsic worth of the human soul, law can be repressive and crush those it should protect.

At Liberty, we believe that the law is good and that the legal profession is a worthy calling, an exalted profession, and a position of trust. We take legal education seriously because we understand that we are training future lawyers, judges, educators, policymakers, and world leaders.

The School of Law provides a superior legal education that distinguishes Liberty from any other law school. These distinctives include the following:

- An appreciation for the Western Legal Tradition and the rule of law. We respect the writings of those who shaped the Western Legal Tradition and American culture. We respect the rule of law because we believe it best secures our liberty by restraining arbitrary decision making.

- A rigorous academic environment in the context of the Christian intellectual tradition. We are committed to providing a superior legal education in fidelity to the Christian faith expressed in the Holy Scriptures. We believe that truth is best understood in the context of a Christian worldview and intellectual tradition.

- An emphasis on superior communication and lawyering skills. Our unique lawyering skills program is unparalleled. This program trains students in the practice of law each semester. Our clinical and internship programs provide opportunities for students to use their new skills, even before graduation.

Most students who enter law school do so with optimism and a desire for justice, but modern legal education separates law from justice and makes students cynical by the time they graduate. When that happens, the law loses its soul. At Liberty, we will encourage your optimism and desire for justice.

Welcome to Liberty University School of Law.

Rena Lindevaldsen
Interim Dean