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Intellectual Depth and Breadth

At Liberty University School of Law, the study of law occurs in the context of history and legal philosophy. Breadth of intellectual pursuit is considered a virtue in the development of a well-rounded attorney.

Persuasive Advocacy

It is critical that future leaders in law and policy be able to research effectively, analyze with precision, write clearly, and speak persuasively. The development of proficient communication skills is a focus of the Liberty University School of Law curriculum.

Mission Orientation

Founded upon the premise that there is an integral relationship between faith and reason, the objective is to build a law school committed to academic and professional excellence in the context of the Christian intellectual tradition.

Faculty Policy

Liberty Law faculty are given a hardcopy or electronic copy of the Law Faculty Handbook and are responsible for reviewing and following the procedures therein. Failure to comply with the policies and procedures may result in the lack of promotion or tenure, disciplinary action, and in some cases, termination.


Certificates of Concentration

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