Parent E-Newsletter | September 2017

Registration for Fall Family Weekend is now open! 


We are very excited to have your student here for the fall 2017 semester.  For you, it may seem as if they just got home for the summer or they graduated from high school yesterday! 

Parent Fall Family Weekend registration is now open and we are looking forward to seeing you then. Please register now if you have not already done so.

Know that your Parent Advocate, Timi Plyter, is available to you to answer your questions and to connect you with the services that exist here at Liberty University.

We understand that homesickness is normal, especially for new students who are leaving home for the first time.  Your best plan of action is to help them understand that it is normal and they are not a “baby” for feeling that way.  If it is serious, they need to go to the Office of Community Life for some counseling.  At the very least, recommend that they share that with their Community Group Leader or Resident Shepherd on their hall.  Please know we pray for you and your students daily.  If you feel your student needs a special touch, please call us and we will have the Student Advocate Office call them with a wellness call and will never tell them that you called us to do so.

If you find you need a refresher on becoming a coach now, the Parent Session slides are still available to you from the Parent Session of Summer Orientation. | (434) 592-2339 | DeMoss 2312 | 

Important Dates:


Student Advocate Office 

It does not seem possible, but it is time to start thinking about next semester.  Have your student “View Holds” on their ASIST and resolve them as soon as possible to help prevent registration issues.

 We try diligently to call every student each semester to check on their well-being and to help them in resolving any issues on their account.  We would ask that you have your student make sure that the phone numbers on their account are correct (their correct cell number), their voicemail is set up and there is not full. Students are also required to check their Liberty University email at least 3 times a week for emails from their professors and our offices.

We do not want your student to have to go into a lot of debt to pay for a school.  Therefore, we offer several opportunities for them to learn alternative ways to pay for school.  Scholarship Search 101 and Scholarship Search 102 class dates are now available!  Please encourage your student to register and attend, and encourage them to visit the Scholarship of the Month each month.  If your student needs some extra cash, have them check out Lending a Hand, and if they qualify, have them attend one of the Federal Work study Workshops held by the Human Resources Office.  Even if your student does not qualify for the federal Work Study, there are jobs listed as “work Assistant” for which your student can apply.

Please visit our website, call us at (434)-582-7200 or email us at .  We are open each weekday from 9AM-6 PM except Wednesdays when we close at 5 PM.  We would love to have you and your student visit us in DeMoss Hall 2312. 

We encourage you to reach out to us for any help you may need and we would be more than happy to help you!

More important resources: | (434) 592-7200 | DeMoss 2312

Dining Services  

Fall Semester is here! Which means your student eating you out of house and home has come to an end. But, no need to worry, we are here with plenty of options to keep your student well fed and satisfied.

To quickly recap our meal plans if you are still on the fence about which to choose, we have three plans for residential students: Freedom Dining PLUS+, Freedom Dining Basic, and the 14 Swipe Plan. The Freedom Dining PLUS+ plan allows your student to use a meal swipe ANYWHERE on campus and the Freedom Dining Basic plan allows them to use meal swipes at limited places on campus. The 14 Swipe plan is only available for 2nd-semester Juniors & Seniors and gives them 14 Meal Swipes per week to the dining hall and $600 Dining Dollars per semester.

Over the summer, we have implemented many new changes for your students to enjoy this Fall. We revamped our Chick-Fil-A to include breakfast, we introduced brand new menu options at Bella Trattoria Italian, we switched over to Eco-Friendly products, and we created the Gluten Intolerant Options (G.I.O.) Program. This program allows students with gluten restrictions to use their meal swipe for gluten-free options around campus.

We are extremely excited for the changes that we have made this summer and know that these changes bring value to your student’s meal plan.

Stay connected with us this Fall by following us on social media- Facebook/Instagram/Twitter: @LibertyDining or check out our website,| (434) 582-2262 | Dining Hall 

Student Financial Services 

The 2017-2018 academic year is here!  Understanding and managing finances for college can be quite stressful for you and your student. Student Financial Services is available to assist your student with any questions about their financial aid or student account throughout the year. Advisors are available on campus in Green Hall for in-office assistance.  Check out the Student Financial Services webpage for more information and ways to contact us!  In addition, encourage your student to “like/follow” our Facebook page to receive updates and reminders on Student Financial Services topics. | (434) 582-2270 | Green Hall 1569


Now is the time to review the Course Schedule Planning Guide and the Course Fee listing. Here you will find the Registration and Final Exam Schedule as soon as they are available, the course catalog and the Academic Calendar so you can keep up with important dates and deadlines.

Also, please encourage your student to read the Course Catalog Academic Information and Policies. This information can save them a lot of time and trouble.| (434) 592-5100 | Green Hall 1569


Travel Reimbursement Program:

If you travel via train, plane or bus (i.e. public transportation) to Lynchburg, VA to come to anyone day event (My Liberty Monday or Friendly Friday) or CFAW (College for a Weekend) [Check for upcoming dates on the  website and then you come to Liberty as a student, we will reimburse your fare up to $750.

Once you arrive on campus as a current Liberty student, contact the Student Advocate Office for more information on what you need to do in order to receive this credit. Feel free to check the Travel Reimbursement Policy for more information!

To join us for an exciting day at Liberty University, pick one of the following dates and register below, or contact the Visitors Center at (434) 582-2064. | (800) 543-5317| Visitors Center


If your student is a new student this Fall, your student may need to meet with a CASAS advisor this semester.  Freshmen, sophomores and first semester Transfer students are required to meet with CASAS. There will be a hold on their account on ASIST under “View Holds”.   Students that need to meet with a CASAS Advisor will receive an email. If they receive said email, encourage your student to make the appointment sooner rather than later.  The link for the appointment will be in the email they receive.  They can view their Degree Completion Plan Audit on ASIST to view the classes they will need to take.  Now is the time for your student to get involved in The Student Success Center free tutoring and to take advantage of Writing Services.

Career Center: The Career Center is excited about meeting the new and returning students! We are busy preparing for the coming year and look forward to seeing your student utilize our services and attend our many recruiting events.

The Career Center provides a variety of services to help your student with their professional development skills. These services include: career counseling, resume critiques, mock interviews, career assessments, and more!  One way to get a good start is for your student to take the Focus 2 career assessment. The Focus 2 guides your student through a reliable career and education decision-making model to help them choose their major at Liberty and make informed decisions about their career. FOCUS 2 combines 5 self-assessments, career and major exploration, action planning and decision making in one comprehensive product. Customized with Liberty's majors, students' assessment results are matched to career options and majors/programs offered at Liberty.  New students will be taking the Focus 2 as one of their assignments; however, we then encourage your student to set up an appointment with a Career Counselor to go over their results.

We also have many other recruiting events lined up for this coming year, so, have your student save these dates and RSVP!

  • Sept. 21st How to Turn a Job Fair Into a Job Offer Workshop
  • Sept. 25th Business and Communication Career Fair
  • Oct. 3rd Public Service Career Fair
  • Oct. 10th Major Hospital and Health Sciences Career Fair
  • Oct. 12th How to Turn a Job Fair Into a Job Offer
  • Oct. 17th Engineering and Information Technology Career Fair
  • Oct. 19th An Evening with Chick-Fil-A
  • Oct. 27th Graduate School Fair
  • Nov. 7th Ministry Career Fair

For a detailed view of our events and to register/RSVP, please see our Events Page.

For more information about all our career services please encourage your student to go to our website, or contact us at , 434-592-4109. | (434) 592-4110 | DeMoss Hall 1100 | (434) 582-2339 | DeMoss Hall 2312 |  Facebook | Fall Family Weekend