Institutional Challenge Examinations (ICE)

Institutional Challenge Examinations (ICE) are available to students with a satisfactory justification of previous knowledge in a subject area based upon a non-college training program, job experience, or self-learning. Through ICE, you have the opportunity to earn credit toward your chosen degree program. To apply for credit by examination, students must register for an ICE exam by completing the ICE Request Form.

 ICE has been created specifically for Liberty University students. Other institutions are not obligated to recognize or transfer the credit.


  • Exam only: $130
  • Exam and study materials: $175

**The purchase of study materials is only for access prior to the ICE exam.
**Exam fees are non-refundable.

Rules for the ICE

  • The use of notes, books, websites, and other materials is prohibited while taking the exam.
  • The minimum passing score for the undergraduate level courses is 70%. Graduate-level courses minimum passing score is 80%.
  • A maximum of 30 hours of ICE credits will be accepted toward an undergraduate degree; the number of credits that may be applied toward each major may vary.
  • For Graduate degrees, the majority of the course work for any program of study must be earned through Liberty University. Each program specifies the minimum number of hours which must be completed through Liberty. ICE credit hours do not count towards this minimum.
  • Students may not take the ICE if the course is currently being taken.
  • Each exam will be available for 30 days after registering for it. After the deadline, it cannot be accessed.
  • Two attempts are permitted per ICE.  Re-registration is permitted after 2 months between attempts.
  • Credits for an ICE are not applicable for institutional hours.

Institutional Challenge Examinations (ICE) Currently Offered


Course Description Test Offered
BIBL 104 Survey of Old & New Testament Online Only
BIBL 105 Old Testament Survey Residential & Online
BIBL 110 New Testament Survey Residential & Online
BIBL 450 Daniel: Revelation Residential & Online
BIBL 497 Bible Prophecies Residential & Online
BUSI 300 Business Communications Online Only
BUSI 310** Principles of Management Online Only
BUSI 330** Principles of Marketing Online Only
CHEM 107 Essentials of General & Organic Chemistry Residential Only
CSCI 110* Computing Foundations & Ethics Residential Only
CSCI 111* Introduction to Programming Residential Only
CSCI 112* Advanced Programming Residential Only
CSIS 100 Introduction to Information Sciences & Systems Online Only
EVAN 101 Evangelism & Christian Life Residential Only
GREK 201 Greek Grammar I Residential Only
GREK 202 Greek Grammar II Residential Only
GREK 301 Greek Grammar III Residential Only
GREK 302 Greek Syntax & Reading Residential Only
HIEU 201** History of Western Civilization Online Only
HIUS 222** Survey of American History II Online Only
MATH above 121 Various Tests Residential Only
MUSC 105 Harmonic Practices & Theory I Residential Only
MUSC 106 Harmonic Practices & Theory II Residential Only
PSYC 101** General Psychology Online Only
PHYS ALL Various Tests Residential Only
SOCI 200** Introduction to Sociology Online Only
THEO 104 Introduction to Theology Survey Online Only
THEO 201 Theology Survey I Residential & Online
THEO 202 Theology Survey II Residential & Online
THEO 497 Eschatology Residential & Online

*Must be taken in prerequisite order

**These exams offer an additional option of study materials (additional fee)


Course Description Test Offered
CHHI 520 History of Christianity I Residential & Online
CHHI 525 History of Christianity II Residential & Online
NBST 515 New Testament Orientation I Residential & Online
NBST 520 New Testament Orientation II Residential & Online
NGRK 505 Greek Language Tools Residential & Online
NGRK 520 Beginning Greek I Residential & Online
NGRK 525 Beginning Greek II Residential & Online
OBST 515 Old Testament Orientation I Residential & Online
OBST 520 Old Testament Orientation II Residential & Online
OTCL 505 Hebrew Language Tools Residential & Online
OTCL 520 Beginning Syntax Residential & Online
OTCL 620 Hebrew Syntax Residential & Online
THEO 525 Systematic Theology I Residential & Online
THEO 530 Systematic Theology II Residential & Online


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