Nursing International Clinical Mission Trips

Nursing students experience hands-on clinical training, and utilize nursing skills while providing needed services and health education in countries like:

  • Haiti

  • Rwanda

  • Guatemala

Apply for an International Clinical Trip

After selecting the mission experience you would like to attend, download the application (see link below) and carefully follow the directions for completion and submission.

International Clinical Trip applications for the Sophomore Summer Accelerated Program are due by June 28th.

Email all applications and references to


MamaBaby HaitiMamaBaby Haiti is a non-profit birth center and health clinic located in Northern Haiti. We provide a safe place for Haitian women to receive compassionate and respectful free prenatal, birth, postpartum, and gynecological care at the hands of skilled Haitian midwives.

This care will decrease their risk of dying from what should be a normal life event: pregnancy and birth. Haiti has the highest infant and maternal mortality rate in the Western Hemisphere. It is our core belief that no woman or child should ever die because of where they live.

Why free healthcare? 59% of Haitians live on less than $2.44 a day. Where there is severe poverty, mothers sometimes have to choose between food for their family or having a skilled attendant at their birth. 1 in 263 women who have a live birth die in childbirth or the immediate postpartum period, and 1 out of 14 Haitian children die before the age of 5. 98% of these deaths are preventable. MamaBaby Haiti is saving lives every single day. Join us.

In 2014, our Haitian midwives attended 5,789 prenatal appointments, 452 births, 1272 postpartum visits, and 83 family planning appointments.


Students from the School of Nursing can spend part of their winter break in Rwanda serving in partnership with World Help, Gleaning for the World, Rwandan Hugs, and the Anglican Church of Rwanda. 

Nursing students will work in the Mont Cyangugu Clinic along with their nursing professors,  and provide two days of community health education training to 80 village leaders, some who represent up to 17,000 village people. The team's goal will be to assess and educate the villages on basic disease prevention and sanitation.  

One of the most rewarding things the nursing team is able to teach the people is the basic need for hand washing and sterilization of their water. Many of these people get their water from a swamp, and they use that same water to wash their hands, drink, and bathe. Gastrointestinal disease prevention is one of the primary focuses.

While there, the team provides the village leaders with supplies to build a step-and-wash, which allows for individual hand washing where plumbing is not a viable resource. Residents step on a stick that is tied to a rope, tipping a jug of water down and pouring it into their hands. The goal is that every single home visited will not only build a new wash system, but be able to use it proficiently.

After serving at the clinic, the team will canoe to Nkombo Island, where 20,000 children live. While on the island, students will feed more than 700 children (who normally only eat two days a week), administer medication for deworming, hand out multivitamins, and provide treatment for their various wounds. Additionally, the team will perform HIV screenings.

In the School of Nursing, we say often that we are the hands and feet, the heart of Christ to a hurting world. Our prayer going into the trip is from Ephesians - that God would open the eyes of our hearts, that He would break our heart with the things that break His heart, and that He would accomplish this in and through us while in Rwanda. Our students will be able to see diseases that we do not see here in the United States, and they will learn many skills that they can apply as they continue studying.

Students from both the resident and online programs are welcome to participate.


 In the remote villages of Zacapa, Guatemala, nursing students will be able to be the hands and feet of Jesus as they provide spiritual and physical care to the underserved residents. The students will explore God's beautiful mountainous creation as they reach the people in need of healthcare and love. The team will perform assessments on any and all ages, and will plan care for malnutrition, parasitic infection, oral care needs, and whatever else needs to be addressed. It’s a wonderful opportunity for the nursing students to use their expertise in the name of Jesus as love is shown to His people.