Faculty Make-Up Exam Policy

The Testing Center provides services for ODAS students and for students who need to make up a quiz/test because these individuals were unable to take their tests in the classroom due to a special circumstance (illness, emergency, etc.). Our services are not for students who miss their regular scheduled exams by choice or error. While the validity of an excuse is at the discretion of the professor, we ask that this condition be honored so we can continue to accommodate the number of request we have campus-wide. At this time, we are not equipped to handle any class whose professor is unable to proctor their quiz/test.

The Testing Center is open Mon.-Fri. from 8 a.m.-5 p.m. and is closed for Convocation 10:15 a.m.-noon. We no longer require students to make an appointment unless they have ODAS accommodations and they require a reader or scribe. To make an appointment for these accommodations, students may send an e-mail to testingservices@liberty.edu or they may call the Testing Center at (434) 582-2408.

A few notes on make-up exams:

  • Make-up exams are a walk-in service. Students do not have to schedule specific times, but they must complete the exam by the end of business hours according to the deadline established by the instructor.
  • Exams will be given only until the deadline requested by the instructor. In cases in which the deadline changes, a new request form must be submitted by the instructor that includes the new deadline. Multiple students can be listed on the Make-Up Test Request Form. Once the form is submitted, any additional make-up requests for the same exam require a new form or an e-mail request.
  • Students registered with the Office of Disability Academic Support (ODAS) must schedule with that department in order to receive time accommodations.
  • All tests are administered according to the instructions provided by the faculty.
  • No personal belongings such as hats, coats, food, drinks, cellular phones, pagers, hand held computers, purses, or backpacks are allowed in the testing area while testing.
  • Students will place their personal belongings in a secure location. The Testing Center is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  • When professors are submitting a test through the Faculty Make-Up Exam portal, please make sure that you enter the student(s) name(s) that you are allowing to take the test when you submit your request. If you tell us that we cannot add students and there are no students listed, we will be unable to administer the test for test security reasons.