Combining your degree with a minor can expand your experience, knowledge, and training beyond your major. You can channel your electives into a minor that adds extra value to your major. Make the most of your college investment with a minor! 

Minors Programs

Accounting- Residential & Online
Aeronautics- Residential
Airline Flight Attendant- Residential
American Sign Language- Residential 
Apologetics and Cultural Engagement- Residential
Autism- Online
Biblical Greek- Residential
Biblical Languages- Residential
Biblical Studies- Residential & Online
Biology- Residential
Biomedical Sciences- Residential
Business- Residential & Online
Camp and Outdoor Adventure Leadership - Residential
Carpentry- Residential
Chemistry- Residential
Chinese- Residential
Christian Counseling- Online
Church Ministries- Online
Cinematic Arts- Residential
Cinematic Arts Production- Residential
Coaching- Residential
Computer Science- Residential
Creation Studies- Residential
Criminal Justice- Residential & Online
Electrical- Residential
English- Residential
Ethics - Online
Expositional Preaching - Residential
Evangelism- Online
Family Advocacy, Public Policy, & the Future- Online
Family & Consumer Sciences: Clothing & Textiles- Residential
Family & Consumer Sciences: Family & Child Development- Residential
Family & Consumer Sciences: General- Residential
French- Residential
German- Residential
Global Studies- Residential
Government- Residential
Graphic Design- Residential
Health Promotion- Residential
History- Residential & Online

Homeland Security- Online
HVAC- Residential
Information Security- Residential & Online
Information Systems- ResidentialOnline
International Relations- Residential
International Studies- Residential & Online
Kinesiology- Residential
Linguistics- Residential
Marriage & Family Studies- Online
Mathematics- Residential
Military History- Residential & Online
Military Leadership- Residential
Music: Brass, Woodwind or Percussion- Residential
Music: Liberal Arts- Residential
Music: Performance: Voice, Keyboard, Guitar or Strings- Residential
New Testament- Residential
Old Testament- Residential
Parenting & Child/Adolescent Development- Online
Pastoral Leadership- Residential
Philosophy- Residential
Photography- Residential
Plumbing- Residential
Politics and Policy- Residential
Public Administration- Online
Psychology- Residential & Online
Sociology- Residential
Spanish- Residential
Special Education- Residential & Online
Sport Outreach- Residential & Online
Sport Management- Residential
Strategic Intelligence Studies- Residential & Online
Studio Art- Residential
Theatre Arts- Residential
Theology- Residential
Welding- Residential
Western Legal Traditions- Residential
Women's Leadership- Residential
Writing- Online
Youth Ministries- Residential