CRS Award Funds

Research refers to the inquiry that harnesses knowledge, skills, and values to produce new knowledge or to make a new contribution to the discipline and it is recognized that this concept varies across the humanities, the creative arts, and the sciences disciplines. CRS provides funds to students and faculty to support undergraduate research and scholarship through the following awards.

Faculty Professional Development Awards

Supports professional development opportunities for faculty involved in teaching and/or mentoring undergraduate residential students in research and scholarship. These funds support hosting external speakers for on-campus workshops, purchase of online or print resources, enrollment in a university course, or travel to conferences, all related to developing an effective and well-informed undergraduate research program (see Section IX of the QEP). 

Research Intensive (R-I) Course Awards

Students or faculty participating in Research-Intensive courses may apply for and receive awards offered through the Center for Research & Scholarship (CRS). R-I Awards administered by CRS will resource faculty or students for items including, but not limited to, faculty compensation, purchase of equipment (which becomes University assets) and supplies, travel (including overseas), consultation fees, student stipends, or other support services needed for the execution of research projects.

Student Research Presentation Awards

Supports travel expenses for student researchers who have been accepted to present their research at an external event (e.g., a conference, symposium, or exhibition). Students awarded travel funding must travel to the conference and be a significant contributor to the research project/creative work.

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