Incident Reporting Form

Liberty University cares about members of our community and strives to create a safe environment. This form allows faculty, staff, or students to report concerning behavior that was witnessed regarding another member of the University community. While you may request confidentiality for your report, your confidentiality cannot be guaranteed, especially when the safety of the community is of concern.

Thank you for caring enough to alert Liberty University of a community member who may need assistance. Your report will normally be reviewed within 24 hours. If additional information is required you may be contacted. If you believe that immediate attention is required please contact LUPD (434-592-3911), local law enforcement (911), or the Dean of Students Office (434-582-2320).

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**If this is an emergency please contact LUPD 434-592-3911

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Supporting Documentation

Photos, video, email, and other supporting documents may be attached by email at Please ensure that your email includes your name, LibertyID, date, and approximate time that this form was sent.